Quarterback Tower gets a glow-up

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quarterback towers insideQuarterback Tower, originally named the Monday Morning Quarterback Club Tower, was dedicated on July 18, 1977. Located adjacent to Jefferson Tower at the corner of Sixth Avenue South and 19th Street, the addition to University Hospital was made possible by funding from the Monday Morning Quarterback Club, a fundraising arm of Birmingham’s Quarterbacking Children’s Health Foundation, then known as the Crippled Children’s Foundation.

On Aug. 26, a 67-foot high digital message of thanks was displayed on the wall of Quarterback Towers to express support and appreciation for the efforts of medical professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The effort comes from Diversified, a national digital technology provider. “We have personally seen the emotional toll COVID-19 has taken on these caregivers who must stare the worst of it in the face daily,” said David DeGruy, an account executive with Diversified. “They all deserve acknowledgment for being true heroes in this time of crisis. 

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