Once host to a Nobel Laureate, Spain Auditorium now is the site for appointment-only COVID-19 vaccinations

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Editor's Note: The information published in this story is accurate at the time of publication. Always refer to uab.edu/uabunited for UAB's current guidelines and recommendations relating to COVID-19.

spain aud insideAmerican biochemist and 1988 Nobel Laureate Gertrude Elion (front right), whose work led to the creation of the AIDS drug AZT, spoke to a packed Margaret Cameron Spain Auditorium during Medical Student Research Day Nov. 14, 1989.

Today, one of UAB’s largest gathering spaces is playing host to the products of groundbreaking science once again as COVID-19 vaccines are distributed there to front-line health care workers. Vaccinations are by appointment only; read more about vaccine distribution at UAB News.