New lights in Bartow Arena save money, improve fan experience

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lightsCampus Maintenance recently replaced 84 halide light fixtures in Bartow Arena with 32 solid-state LED fixtures — an upgrade expected to save the university more than $35,000 annually in electricity costs.

The improved quality and reduced energy costs made the decision to install LED lights in the arena an easy decision. “The new lighting solution is another major step in further enhancing the in-arena experience for our fans and making Bartow Arena an even better place to play,” said Matt Winslett, engineering manager for Facilities Division’s Energy Management.

“Projects like these are essential to realizing our vision of incorporating sustainability into all areas of university life,” said Julie Price, coordinator of UAB Sustainability.

“The Bartow lighting project is one of UAB’s most recent efforts to find the smartest solutions for saving energy on campus,” Price said.

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