May 30, 2018

New staff council reps to begin work in August

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staff councilFollowing the May 1-8 election period, 44 new UAB Staff Council representatives have been elected to serve a two-year term that begins in August and ends in July 2020.

Formed in 2016, the staff council, which represents 22 organizational units, is dedicated to promoting an exchange of ideas among its members, the campus community and the UAB administration. It was formed to be a voice for those who comprise a majority of UAB’s employees and provide advice and recommendations to university administration and leaders.

The new group will meet and discuss next steps during orientation June 26.

“We are so excited about this next round of staff council representatives,” said David Beeching, who will begin his stint as chair of the council in August. “In the first two years alone, we helped make UAB a more outstanding place to work, live, serve the community and learn. We want to continue to create opportunities for growth for all our employees.”

The Staff Council meets the fourth Wednesday each month in Volker 302. More information, including FAQs, contact information and bylaws, are posted on its website,

Members of the council and any alternates are listed here, grouped by unit represented:

Athletics Department

  • Borden LeSieur

  • Marla Townsend

  • Alternate: Stacey Torman

Collat School of Business

  • Rita Stewart-Hampton

  • Cassandra Walker

  • Alternate: Laura Tull

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Brannette Marshall

  • Karen Parsons

  • Alternate: Erin White

Graduate School

  • Ciara Duncan

  • Jessica Stephenson

Honors College

  • Rebecca Freeman

  • Clay Walls

  • Alternates: Amy Atkisson and Melissa Taylor

Office of the Provost

  • Laine Chapman

  • Lauren Humphreys

  • Alternates: Hilary Carter and Courtney Felton

Office of VP Development and Alumni

  • Jennifer Breland

  • Libby Worthington

Office of VP Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Holly Holiday-Jones

Office of VP Financial Affairs and Administration

  • Cecilia Boyd

  • Scott Moran

  • Alternated: LaNetria Head and Gonzalo Ruiz

Office of VP Information Technology

  • Dave Beeching - Chair

  • Stacy Ballard

  • Ala Fedorova

  • Alternates: Kim Aaron and Allante Jowers

Office of VP Research

  • Debbie Graves

  • Alice Harding

  • Alternate: Paul Atchison and David Cannon

Office of VP Student Affairs

  • Valerie DuBose

  • Kelli Lasseter

  • Alternate: Philip Bivens

School of Dentistry

  • Renee Hollifield

  • Sylvia Strothers

  • Alternate: Rosie Turner and Theresa Creel

School of Education

  • Mary Norwood

School of Engineering

  • Rafael Correra

  • Tommy Foley

  • Alternate: Ron Espenan and Mischell Massey

School of Health Professions

  • Christina Isom

  • Tamika Pilgrom

  • Alternates: Kristin Chapleau and Christina Carrier

School of Medicine

  • Laura Gallitz

  • Jennifer Spears

  • Alternates: Jamye Hester and Adrianne Marbury

School of Nursing

  • John Markle

  • Shantay Williams

  • Alternates: Lily Williams and Katie Elliott

School of Optometry

  • Myrtle Rutledge

  • Stefanie Varghese

  • Alternates: Suzanne Grant and Melendi Morton

School of Public Health

  • David Rhodes - Past Chair

  • Joanna Carson

  • Pheandrea Jackson

  • Alternates: Sabrina Hagen and Michelle Henry

UAB Libraries

  • Errica Evans

  • Howard Fox

University Relations

  • Haley Herfurth

  • Brett Bralley

  • Alternate: Laura Sibley