August 09, 2018

New marketing campaign provides tools to highlight drive behind UAB’s success

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For half a decade, UAB has touted its ability to produce world-changing knowledge. This past year, more than 1,190 principal investigators were backed by $562 million in research expenditures. Some 56 patents and 21 ongoing drug discoveries were produced. Startups and licenses based on UAB innovations generated $4.7 million in revenue.

Two new sites to see

Preview UAB’s new marketing campaign and access resources to help tell the story:

But after all that success, what pushes Blazers to go the extra mile and make more amazing things happen? In short, it’s the determination to change things, demand something better and make it happen.

That passion can be diffused into one powerful statement, as UAB’s new marketing campaign asserts: “UAB. Powered by will.”

As Birmingham moves to the forefront of innovation in the tech, entertainment and health care industries, UAB is leading that charge with its passion for pushing forward. Two new websites provide the resources needed to speak to our mission to pursue research, deliver the best, patient care, serve our local and global communities, expand economic development to improve the quality of life in our city and state and educate diverse students.

PBW site 450Powered by will

How can you introduce someone to the life-altering work that epitomizes UAB? Share the ways UAB is lowering barriers to college for low-income students, combatting the problem of distracted driving and changing the conversation about organ transplant. Direct them to to read about Blazers whose curiosity and commitment drives research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

People such as epidemiologist Olivia Affuso, Ph.D., who spends a good bit of her time devising ways to get people off their couches and into motion. And computer scientist Matt Might, Ph.D., who began his career in precision medicine by tracking down his son's killer. Or Brian Pillay, Ph.D., who is exploring ways to transform the algae that contaminates the oceans into inexpensive, biodegradable materials that can be used in manufacturing and construction.

The work of these and dozens of others is collected in stories that reflect the spirit of UAB faculty, staff, students, alumni and donors.

The “Powered by will” campaign, which will run through 2019, also includes short videos for sharing plus links for giving, applying for admission and learning more about UAB as a whole. It was developed during the past year by UAB’s Office of University Relations in partnership with Lewis Communications.

Look for videos on television and Hulu, digital ads on the web, billboards and more throughout the city, state and nation in the coming year. Here’s a preview:


toolkit 450Brand toolkit updated
The revised brand toolkit is a central hub for all things related to communication and messaging at UAB. Access it online at Materials such as standards and guidelines, downloads and forms, marketing resources and communications support help schools, divisions or departments tell stories about their ambitions to excel. A new Request for Publicity form is included to help University Relations identify and amplify those messages. Note: With the new campaign, UAB’s branding will no longer include “Knowledge that will change your world.” In new logos provided in the brand toolkit, the tagline is replaced with the full name of the university.
CAS Example 3The standards and guidelines provide basic tools for implementing the campaign on internal sites and instructions on creating brochures and other collateral to provide a consistent visual image to all UAB promotional material. Official university color palates, also located in the toolkit, have been expanded to include additional shades of green, gold and accent colors.Guidelines also are available for email signatures, fonts, logo use, photos and media releases, print advertising, social media use, stationery, video and broadcast media, Web presence and a writing style guide. Additionally, the image gallery can provide high-quality images to accurately convey your story.