January 12, 2021

Healthy participants needed for BACUP study

We are looking for healthy individuals to participate in a study to examine the effects of buprenorphine and baclofen in humans. This pilot study will be used to gather initial evidence to assess the analgesic interaction, safety, acceptability, and feasibility of using buprenorphine and baclofen in humans before conducting a larger clinical trial to examine efficacy in patients. We will be giving participants a one-time low dose of a partial opioid agonist buprenorphine or baclofen. Participants will be required to attend two visits one week apart and asked to complete questionnaires, pain testing, and a blood draw. Participants will receive up to $150 for completing the study. You may not be eligible to participate if you have significant health problems, are pregnant, or are taking certain medications. Please contact Tammie at tquinn@uab.edu or call 205-934-8743. Leave a short message with your name, number, and mention that you are interested in the BACUP study.