July 12, 2021

Participants with spinal cord injuries needed for SCIPE study

The purpose of the SCIPE study is to examine two 8-week remotely delivered exercise interventions: Movement-to-Music, and Standard Exercise Training. Enrolled participants will be randomized into one of three groups: M2M, SET, or attention control. The primary goal of this study is to examine changes in physical activity levels after the 8-week M2M and SET interventions. We hypothesize that M2M and SET participants will have significant increases in physical activity, sleep quality, quality of life, and decreases in pain compared to the Attention Control group after the 8-week intervention. The secondary aim is to examine the effects of the M2M and SET interventions on health and quality of life outcomes. Exercise enjoyment in M2M and SET participants will also be explored. The tertiary aim is to evaluate the demographic, clinical, and psychosocial variables of two participant groups: 1) compliant participants who completed ≥ 50% of the intervention, and 2) non-compliant participants who completed post-testing but only 50% of the intervention, or did not complete post-testing. The SCIPE study will take place entirely online. The exercise program will be delivered to you in a video format, so you can exercise anywhere that is convenient for you. For more information please contact (205) 209-2245 or email scipe@uab.edu.