Pajaron is UAB's Employee of the Year

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frank streamFrank Pajaron, hospital maintenance field supervisor, has been named UAB’s Employee of the Year. Pajaron was chosen from the Employee of the Month award-winners during the 12-month period ending in July 2018.

Pajaron will be the guest of honor at an invitation-only ceremony and reception honoring his with the highest non-academic employee award in November.

“I love helping to make UAB a place where people can receive the best care possible,” Pajaron said. “It’s an honor to be recognized and rewarded for doing a job I thoroughly enjoy. I’m proud to work at UAB.”

Pajaron, who was selected as Employee of the Month in January, was praised for his good work ethic, dedication and quickness to volunteer for on-call shifts, many of which are on weekends. Once, he helped an older woman whose husband was a patient at UAB Hospital locate her car in a large parking deck — only to discover her tire was flat, so he changed it. Then he followed her to Alabaster to ensure she got home safely.

While on the clock as a field supervisor, he oversees compliance of the maintenance department, kitchen maintenance throughout UAB Hospital and the upkeep of mechanical rooms. He’s also spearheaded sustainability efforts in the hospital, specifically the switch to LED lighting, which he said has reduced the hospital’s utility costs.

“He will do whatever it takes to make UAB the best environment-of-care facility for the patients and families during their time here,” said Beth Lett, hospital maintenance engineering manager.

“I love helping to make UAB a place where people can receive the best care possible.”

That attitude stems from personal experience, Pajaron said. Before their deaths, both of his parents were ill and spent time in Birmingham hospitals, which gave their son a unique perspective on everything involved in making sure that patients have access to quality care, which begins by caring for the buildings themselves.

“My personal motivation is the people in the hospital beds,” he said. “I’m not going to shortchange them in anything I can do. Every one of them is my family member or my mother and father.”

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