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The IACUC currently requires one protocol for each grant award, and reviews these protocols as they are submitted. Important tips to remember:

  • New or transferring investigators without a BlazerID should contact the IACUC office for help with protocol submission and training access.
  • All New (Initial) and Third Year Renewal submissions must be made using the new electronic form (eForm). Paper forms will be accpeted for Annual Renewals and Modifications only through January 1, 2017.
  • Copies of grants submitted to OSP are no longer required for protocol submission. If these documents have not been uploaded to the IRAP system, the office may request a copy of your final grant proposal.
  • Answer all questions from the IACUC office as quickly and completely as possible to avoid additional delays.
  • If you have difficulty meeting a deadline or answering a particular question, please contact the IACUC office so that we can assist you.
  • If you have training or enrollment  requirements they must be completed prior to approval, but do not have to be completed in order for you to respond to review questions.
  • Submit paperwork to other administration offices, e.g. Occupational Health and Safety, as soon as possible to avoid delays.
  • If you are approved with stipulations, you will not be able to order animals until those stipulations are lifted.

Due to the conversion of the IACUC Office to the new IRAP system information on several of these pages has been updated. Please review all submission and review related webpages for processing changes.