All submissions requiring IACUC review (i.e., new protocols, continuations, modifications) will be assigned for review as they are received. Final approval may require a full committee review (FCR) which occurs on the last Wednesday of each month. Most documents are reviewed and approved via designated member review (DMR) which allows approval once all review concerns have been satisfactorily addressed.

As of January 1, 2017 all submissions must be made using the electronic form (eForm) through IRAP. Paper forms will only be accepted for addition of personnel to protocols not yet transitioned to the eForm.

New Protocols, Competing Continuation/Renewal

For new projects or competing continuation segments, the investigator must submit a new Animal Use Request/Registration (AUR) electronic form (eForm) to the IACUC Office. New eForms can be created by selecting "Create New" in the Lab Animals module of IRAP. For more information on creating, completing and submitting the eForm click here. Protocols subject to review at a convened IACUC meeting must be received 20 calendar days prior to the monthly meeting and any responses to the administrative review are due 2 work days before the meeting. See Submission Deadlines and Dates for more information.

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Create New: Creating a New Protocol Record   / Instructions
Protocol Access    / Instructions
Filling Out the eForm: Vertebrate Animal Use  / Instructions
Filling Out the eForm: Invertebrate Animal Use Video / Instructions *coming soon*
Filling Out the eForm: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Video / Instructions *coming soon*

Noncompeting Renewal/ Third Year Renewal

Annual review is performed to confirm that no changes have taken place in the approved activity which might require further consideration by the IACUC and to ensure that any new requirements of PHS, USDA or the institution are communicated to the investigator. Annual review of all projects is required, but can be accomplished in the case of non-competitive renewals by submission of an eForm. For guidance on submitting the eForm please click here. Once an eForm has been approved, the annual review may be fulfilled by submission of significant modifications or an Annual Update. See the Modification section below for more information.

Every 3 years the IACUC is required to perform a "de novo" or full review. A Renewal/Update Reminder Notice sent 8 weeks prior to protocol expiration will indicate which form (type of review) is due based on the date of the the last full review for the IACUC protocol.

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Adding an eForm to an Existing Protocol Record  / Instructions
Filling Out the eForm: Vertebrate Animal Use   / Instructions

Resubmission of Prior Approved Protocols

A new IACUC protocol must be started for grant applications involving previously approved animal procedures if they are competing continuations or being submitted to a different funding agency. 

Training, Salary Support, and Administrative Parent Grants

These grants do not use animals directly but may require an IACUC approval for the overall grant. All investigators who are listed within these grants as using animals must either submit a protocol or reference a currently approved protocol for the animal use indicated in the grant.

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Filling Out the eForm: Documentation of IACUC Review Video / Instructions coming soon

Modification of Approved Protocols

Any changes in the IACUC protocol (e.g., procedures, husbandry, or personnel) must be approved by the IACUC prior to implementation. All changes must be made to the approved eForm. Significant modifications, those not reviewed administratively (see Amendment Processing procedure), made to the eForm may substitute for an Annual Update, which means the 1-year review clock will be reset upon approval of the modification. For example, an Initial submission approved January 1 and significantly modified June 1 will not be due for update until June 1 of the next year. The paper Modification form will be accepted for addition of personnel if the protocol has not yet transitioned to the eForm.

Response Memos

Due to issues of review questions not being answered/addressed in the protocol form and thereby requiring multiple review and submission cycles, the Committee has requested that Response Memos be included with revised protocol forms. This process is much like grant review requirements and will be required for ongoing review. There are several ways to attach response memos and you can find those instructions HERE. Response Memos will be mandatory starting MAY 1, 2023.

For additional assistance with IRAP and eForms visit the Lab Animal section of IRAP Training.