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  • Can someone other than the PI create and submit a request for that PI?

    Yes. The PI listed on the request will receive an email notice that a request has been submitted on their behalf and identify the submitter. For new faculty not yet at UAB, the person completing and submitting the MTA electronic request form will provide contact and other information for the new investigator on the form.

  • Can I submit an amendment to an existing MTA?

    Yes, the submission process is the same as for a new request. The amendment receives its own identifying number. Related agreements (Initial and Amendment, Master and Initial or Record of Transfer) are listed on the MTO eReports.

  • Can I submit one request to cover multiple materials?

    Yes, if from the same Outside Entity. You will list and describe each material separately on one request.

  • When is a Material Transfer Agreement NOT used?
    There are several situations when research materials or tools are shared under agreements other than an MTA. The following are examples:
    • A for-profit (commercial) company wishes access to research materials or tools developed at UAB. These are usually handled by the UAB Research Foundation as a license agreement or material evaluation agreement.
    • When the only research materials or tools to be shared are data, a data use agreement is negotiated through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) or University Contracts.
    • Materials (including instruments or equipment) being sent or received for analysis are usually covered by a fee-for-service agreement negotiated through University Contracts.
  • Can I, as the investigator receiving or providing the research materials or tools, sign the agreement?

    You may be asked to sign to acknowledge the agreement; however, your signature is not always required and does not bind the organization to the terms and conditions of the agreement. The agreement is always between organizations (academic, governmental, non-profit, for-profit, etc.) on behalf of the respective employees/investigators. The University of Alabama Board of Trustees has authorized certain officials to sign such agreements.

  • Are there different kinds of Material Transfer Agreements?

    Yes. The basic kinds are Receiving (when you will be receiving research materials or tools as a one-time event from someone at another entity), Sending (when you will be providing materials/tools as a one-time event to someone at another entity), and Mutual Exchange (when you and someone at another entity will be sending materials/tools back and forth). In addition to these, there are also Master Agreements, which are used when multiple transfers (receiving, sending, or exchange) are anticipated, and Records of Transfer, which are used for transfers for which the terms and conditions have been established through another agreement, e.g., MTA Master or Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) grant/contract.

  • Does someone in my Department have to sign off on my request?

    No. Routing through your Department is not required. An MTO eReport is available to provide information about electronic material transfer requests. This eReport is open to the campus and allows the user to search for requests by org and/or within a time range the user specifies. Material Transfer Portal Requests. Investigator, material name outside entity and current status.

  • Will the MTO withdraw a submission?

    Yes. The MTO will withdraw a submission when requested to do so by the Investigator or submitter. The MTO will also evaluate a submission for possible withdrawal if, within 30 calendar days, the UAB investigator does not resubmit a submission that was rejected in route, respond to requests for information or clarification, or approve/reject revisions to an agreement. The MTO will notify the Investigator of the intent to administratively withdraw the submission and, if needed, will work with the Investigator to resolve issues that may be contributing to the delay.