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When you wish to receive tangible research materials from or send such materials to an external entity, you should work through the Material Transfer Office (MTO) to arrange a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).  The agreement addresses ownership of the transferred materials or research tools as well as any modifications or derivatives.   The agreement also addresses limitations on the use of the material, confidentiality of information related to the materials, liability, publication rights, rights to inventions and research results, and other conditions of receipt or use.

  • Tangible research materials include

    1. Cultures
    2. Cell lines
    3. Plasmids
    4. Nucleotides
    5. Proteins
    6. Bacteria
    7. Animal models
    8. Pharmaceuticals
    9. Other Chemicals
  • Intangible research materials include

    Data and software are generally transferred under data use or confidentiality agreements and are processed by UAB’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), unless the transfer involves materials covered by an Intellectual Property Disclosure (IPD) that has been filed with the UAB Research Foundation (UABRF). 

The MTO will process terms and conditions for the use of data to the extent they are included in the MTA but does not negotiate/process stand-alone data use agreements.

Additional information about transferring materials including how the MTO processes transfer requests, your responsibilities as the sender or recipient of such materials, using the Integrated Research Administration Portal (IRAP), and tracking the status of request are available from the links on the left of this page.