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Follow the following steps to create a submission package to the Material Transfer Office (MTO). The submission package will include a completed electronic request form and relevant supporting documents. In addition, forward any email correspondence with your contact(s) at the other entity that you have had preliminary to request.


Step 1           

Access IRAP from the UAB Administrative Systems page.
Step 2 Log into IRAP using your Blazer ID and password.
Step 3 Click the My Technology Transfer bar on the left of the portal page.
Step 4 Click the Materials Transfers hyperlink in the options that appear.
Step 5

Choose the Type of Material Transfer Request:

  • Receiving Materials,
  • Sending Materials, or
  • Mutual Exchange (when you and someone at the other entity will be exchanging material(s)).
Step 6 Click Create.
Step 7 Follow the instructions on the submission package that appears to access the electronic request form. Help is available throughout the form as hyperlinks and mouse-overs. This is a “smart” form and the questions displayed are contingent on your response to previous questions.  Therefore, answer questions in the order in which they are presented.
Step 8 Check that you have answered all relevant questions, especially those that have an asterisk identifying them as mandatory.
Step 9 Click Done to close the form and return to the submission package.
Step 10 Attach (upload) any relevant supporting documents.
Step 11 Click Submit to send the package to the MTO.
Step 12                           

Forward any supporting emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and reference the agreement number assigned (displayed on the submission package) in the subject line.