Student research projects that are conducted solely for in-class work are not required to have IRB review. However, if the results of a student research project that involves human subjects will be presented or otherwise disseminated to the public, then IRB review is required.
Many student projects meet the criteria for the Not Human Subjects Research (NHSR), Exempt, or Expedited review categories. See the Frequently Asked Questions and Student Office Hours links for more information. 
You can contact the Office of the IRB to have our staff help you determine what type of review is right for your project.
Student Office Hours 
Students who are planning to submit an IRB application can schedule an appointment to meet with a member of the OIRB staff for a preliminary protocol review.
These appointments are meant for students who
  • ​have completed most of the preliminary work in preparation for submission and
  • have specific questions regarding their application or need review of draft documents.

Appointments are intended to last approximately 15 minutes.

If Faculty Advisors are unable to answer specific questions, we encourage their participation in the appointment with the student. Students and/or advisors who need more generalized consultation are asked to make separate appointments outside of these blocked hours as the meeting may require more time and effort; in these cases, we would prefer to meet with both the student and the faculty advisor.


To prepare for their appointment, students are asked to

To schedule an appointment, contact the Office of the IRB at 205-934-3789 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..