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     RCR - Basic Course for Faculty and Staff
     Available at CITIProgram.org (instructions below).

Adding Faculty and Staff Curriculum

If you do not see an embedded video above, please use the following link (Walkthrough Video) to access and/or download the video file directly.

  1. If this is your first time accessing CITIProgram.org, follow the video instructions above, then skip to step 3.
  2. If you have previously accessed the CITIProgram.org online system, properly affiliated with UAB, and registered for courses, CLICK VIEW COURSES.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under "Learner Tools" CLICK ADD A COURSE.
  4. You will be taken to a page with the question "Do you know what course(s) you need to take?" Select YES, then CLICK NEXT.
  5. Once you have navigated to the next page, you will see a list of all available courses. Mark the selection for RCR - BASIC COURSE FOR FACULTY AND STAFF, then CLICK NEXT.
  6. After completing the above steps, The RCR - Basic Course for Faculty and Staff should be in your Active Courses list and you can begin and complete the curriculum at your convenience.

UAB policy, in alignment with the expectations of federal (i.e. the COMPETES Act and NSPM 33) and non-federal funding agencies and various publishers, requires basic RCR training for trainees, faculty, and staff engaged in research and scholarship. RCR Basic training for faculty and staff engaged in research and scholarship involves a six-course curriculum covering authorship, data management, mentorship, peer review, plagiarism, and reproducibility. This curriculum is offered online through the CITI Program®. Trainees must complete a comprehensive 14-course curriculum via the CITI Program® as well as register for and successfully complete an intensive facilitated course (GRD717).

Beginning July 2023 - UAB faculty who are either serving as an investigatory on a sponsored project or a key or responsible person on a compliance protocol (IRB, IACUC, CIRB, IBC) will be notified monthly by e-mail until they have successfully completed the online modules. Once completed, the CITI Program® course name and completion date is stored and synchronized with IRAP®. Once the completion date ages 4 years, faculty will be sent a reminder e-mail to complete the refreshed/updated curriculum.

Beginning in Autumn, 2024 - The Office of Research subdivisions will monitor transactions through the IRAP eRA system and pause processing until all investigators, key, or responsible personnel identified have successfully completed the CITI Program® training curriculum.

Currently, the Office of Research is exploring best practices for identifying non-faculty staff who may be an author on a scholarly production, such as a manuscript or presentation, or severe in a key or responsible role on a compliance (IRB, IACUC, CIRB, IBC) protocol. Notification of the staff cohort will begin after autumn, 2024.