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Two female students painting a mural on one of the UAB bridges.The UAB Office of Service-Learning and Undergraduate Research offers mini-grants that are intended to directly support activities related to developing, implementing, or expanding service learning and undergraduate research opportunities for UAB students.

Applicants may request up to $300 to support service learning and/or undergraduate research in a designated service learning and/or undergraduate research course. Preference will be given to projects that directly impact the expansion and support of service learning and/or undergraduate research opportunities for UAB students.

Examples of service learning requests include supplies for student outreach projects, travel costs, student background checks, materials for community partner agencies, support for hourly and student workers assisting with the course, and community-based research or outreach activities connected to service learning projects.

In order to apply for a mini-grant, faculty members must ensure that the course has received the service learning (LSL) or undergraduate research attribute (LRES) from the Office of Service Learning and Undergraduate Research. If the course is not yet a registered service learning/undergraduate research course, please apply to receive a designation.

Requests for Funding

Funding requests for courses may be submitted immediately. Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis and awarded based on funding availability.


  • University of Alabama at Birmingham faculty members of all career tracks are eligible to receive the mini-grants.
  • Funding must conform to spending guidelines for the use of state funds. Support for summer salary is prohibited.
  • Recipients must complete a brief year-end project report documenting how funds were used and, if applicable, provide a photo. Recipients are highly encouraged to share news about their courses and projects via social media where appropriate and tag UAB Undergraduate Research or UAB Service Learning in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • The following statement should be included in your project publicity as appropriate: "This project is supported by a UAB Service Learning/Undergraduate Research Mini-Grant."
  • Future funding requests will depend on adherence to these guidelines.

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