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A faculty mentor supervising a female student performing a lab procedure.The Office of Undergraduate Research promotes and facilitates research, scholarship, and creative activities by undergraduate students across all disciplines at UAB. We provide information and tools necessary to educate undergraduate students about research, help them find and engage in fulfilling research opportunities, and assist students in communicating their findings.

Why should you involve undergraduates in research?

  1. It is a very rewarding experience for faculty.
  2. Undergraduates often bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas and perspectives to a research project.
  3. The research can often be of a "high risk/high reward" variety that faculty would not typically explore.
  4. It creates a greater connection with students and fosters a memorable learning experience while generating interest in a discipline.

The office supports faculty in helping connect students to research projects and providing fellowships to accelerate the work of faculty members eager to develop exemplary curricular approaches to education.

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