clinical laboratory studentsHave you ever wondered...

  • How doctors diagnose diseases?
  • What happens to the blood sample you give at your Doctor’s office?
  • How the risk for the development of a heart attack is determined?

Welcome to the world inside the medical laboratory, a world where clinical laboratory scientists and other laboratory professionals find answers to these questions and much more.

Quick Facts

This is the only master's level program in clinical laboratory sciences offered in Alabama and one of the few graduate-level programs in the southeast.

Clinical laboratory sciences is a growing field with many different career options available.

Careers in clinical laboratory sciences are a good choice for students who enjoy the medical field but may not want to be involved in direct patient contact.

The UAB MS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences program has an excellent pass rate and job placement rate.

This program can help you transition into a new career from research, education, or another area of healthcare.


The Clinical Laboratory Sciences program is committed to providing a high-quality education to prepare students with a solid educational background and a set of skills translatable to a variety of healthcare settings. Visit the UAB Graduate School catalog for the curriculum and course descriptions for this program.


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Accreditation and Certification

The program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Program graduates are eligible to apply for the certification examination offered by the American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (ASCP-BOC).


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