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cyclotronHealth Physics focuses on protecting human life by balancing the risks and benefits of radiation as a whole and ionizing radiation specifically.

There are only about 20 Health Physics programs at the master’s degree level in the nation and ours is the only one in the State of Alabama. At UAB, the Master of Science in Health Physics Program is in a unique position to train a new generation of health physicists that play a critical role in ensuring safety with all uses of radiation.

Our curriculum covers a wide range of Health Physics courses as well as the ability to take personalized electives specific to student’s radiation safety interest. Our students will get access to experts from around the country throughout the curriculum as well as unique experiences including the UAB Advanced Imaging Center medical cyclotron, which is one of the most powerful cyclotrons in an academic medical center in the United States.

This profession requires cross-disciplinary critical thinking and is in high demand both in the United States and globally. Our supervised practicums provide students opportunities for gaining applied real-world work experience and networking connections with professionals in the field. In addition, our professional development courses offer a unique opportunity for students to become well-rounded professionals.

Regardless of your ultimate career goals, choose excellence. Choose UAB.

What Makes the UAB Master of Science in Health Physics Program Unique

  • The MS in Health Physics is the only program of its kind in Alabama.
  • The program is offered in-person, virtual or hybrid.
  • Proper emphasis is given on public awareness and protecting human life from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.
  • Health physics requires cross-disciplinary critical thinking and UAB's curriculum is designed to foster this in their students.
  • The program includes supervised practices, helping students to gain more meaningful outcomes from their internships.
  • Internship and practical experience are provided in hospitals, national labs, government organizations, and within UAB.
  • UAB's faculty are notable in the health physics field.
  • Research opportunities are available for interested students.
  • MHP 654 Laser Safety course meets CLSO eligibility requirement per the Board of Laser Safety.
    Visit the BLS site for more information.


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