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certificateGenomics technology has changed.
Genomics knowledge has changed.
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Available completely online, the Graduate Certificate in Industry Genetics and Genomics provides you with the technical skills and formal education related to the evolving principles and guidelines utilized in the interpretation and clinical applications of genetic variants, better preparing you for employment in genomic industry settings. Additionally, this curriculum complements the foundational clinical genetics coursework obtained in healthcare and provides an opportunity to delve deeper in understanding your patient’s results.

Advances in the utilization of genetics and genomics technology to support the increased shift towards personalized medicine has created a workforce demand for individuals that can integrate genetics and genomic data with medicine. In addition to the utilization of genetic variants by genetic counselors, many biotechnologists, lab scientists, and other ancillary healthcare specialties have also seen a shift to incorporating genetic testing within their field. It has also created an educational gap for the current workforce in medical genetics and clinical laboratories in advanced analytical interpretation and applications related to genomics related topics. The Industry Genetics and Genomics certificate aims to fill the education gap and provide advanced understanding of the interpretation and applications of genomic variants in clinical care.

Integral Role. Intrinsic Education.

Industry-focused genetic counselors and other appropriately trained individuals often serve an integral role as the liaison between the laboratory and ordering physician and patients. Additional knowledge related to genetic testing and genetic variant science can be helpful in transitioning into opportunities and roles in industry and laboratory genetics. Individuals in these roles may have had limited education opportunities related to integrated genomics care during their graduate training.

This Graduate Certificate in Genetics and Genomics serves as an opportunity receive a uniform and formal education that will ensure an understanding of the basic principles used in genetic variant science but also provide the resources to stay up-to-date with the current guidelines used for interpretation. This certificate also provides an opportunity to learn more about the various molecular genetic methodologies and technologies, while complementing this with tangible skills in variant analysis and interpretation.

Only Online. Only 1 Year.

Earn your graduate certificate without missing work or your family. And you can earn it in only one year! This graduate certificate is offered totally online. Our format allows you to learn at your own pace and around your personal schedule no matter where you live. Your first semester begins in the summer term - typically the beginning of May - and you will finish after the spring semester - typically the end of April.

Just in Time Education

Not sure you want to commit to the whole certificate, but see a course that interests you? Certificate courses can be taken on an ad hoc basis without completing the certificate as a non-degree seeking student.

Did You Know?

  • 31% of genetic counselors work in non-clinical roles in testing and variant science.
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts 18% industry growth 2021 - 2031.
  • There are over 2,000 gene therapies in development worldwide, making this one of the fastest growing areas in healthcare.
  • The development of new genetic testing tools has led to rise in new companies seeking knowledgeable employees.


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