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Our Dean Andrew Butler hosts a monthly Vlog during the academic school year. Here you will see profiles of people, programs and more across the School of Health Professions. In addition to these profiles, each video includes a few of the top SHP stories from the previous month. The Vlog is a great way to learn more about our School and to stay up-to-date with the latest people and programs making a difference. We hope you enjoy!

Jewell Dickson

Jewell Dickson: Increasing Diversity in the OT Profession

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with Jewell Dickson – associate professor and academic fieldwork coordinator with our Department of Occupational Therapy. They discuss efforts to increase diversity and inclusivity in the profession, her international work fulfilling the assistive technology needs of children with disabilities in Uganda, her statewide work enhancing the wellness of incarcerated women, and much more.

Allyson Hall

Allyson Hall: Lessons on Leadership

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with Allyson Hall – professor in our Department of Health Services Administration, director of our Graduate Programs in Healthcare Quality and Safety (HQS), and co-director of the UAB Center for Outcomes Effectiveness Research and Education (COERE). They discuss her work with COERE and the goals of the Learning Health System, her HQS program becoming the first graduate program in this focus area to be accredited by CAHME, and bringing her policy work to the classroom.

Amy Goss

Amy Goss: Personal Journey to Research for Children

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with Amy Goss – an assistant professor in our Department of Nutrition Sciences and assistant director of the Metabolism Core in our Nutrition Obesity Research Center. Their conversation looks back at the life-changing event that put Amy on a path to a career in nutrition at a young age, the details about her research of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (the most common form of liver disease among children), what to look for when looking at the latest diet trends, and so much more.

Kevin Spencer

Kevin Spencer: The Healing Power of Magic

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with Kevin Spencer – an illusionist and artist who has performed magic in front of tens of thousands of people on stages in 34 countries on six continents. They discuss a couple things that are not illusions – or tricks – and that is the therapeutic value of magic for people of all ages. They also talk about the UAB Magic Camp (hosted by our Department of Occupational Therapy and the UAB Arts in Medicine program every summer), which is open to young people with disabilities ages 9 to 18.

Kathy Nugent

Kathy Nugent: Expanding CDS' research, inside the HIIE

In this episode, Dr. Butler chats with Kathy Nugent, PhD, chair, Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences and executive director / associate vice president, UAB Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. They discuss expanding CDS beyond clinical, how the HIIE helps protect and commercialize discoveries, and how her dual role contributes to the rise of Birmingham as an innovation destination.

Jennifer Christy

Jennifer Christy: Research, Concussions and DPT program

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with Jennifer Christy, PT PhD, director of our #13 in the nation Doctor of Physical Therapy program. They discuss what sets our DPT program apart from others plus specific advice to potential applicants. In addition, she talks about her research in the Vestibular and Oculomotor Research Clinic (VORC) - including her work in the area of concussions.

Norman Bolus

Norman Bolus: Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging and Health Physics

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with Norman Bolus, CNMT, FSNMMI-TS, past director of the UAB Nuclear Medicine Technology program and UAB Health Physics program. In addition to discussing the Nuclear Medicine program and profession, they take a look back at a UAB career that began in the 1980s. And Bolus answers the immortal question - is UAB the University that Ate Birmingham?

Midge Ray

Midge Ray: reflections on 40+ years at UAB

In this episode of Season 2 - Dean Andrew Butler chats with Midge Ray, RN, PhD, professor in the Department of Health Services Administration and associate scientist in the UAB Minority Health & Health Equity Research Center. The two discuss how her clinical background has impacted her and her students, the future of health care and health care education in Quality & Safety and Informatics, plus, a look back at her more than 40-year career at UAB.

W. Timothy Garvey

W. Timothy Garvey: Obesity, Diabetes and More

In this episode, Andrew Butler, Ph.D., dean, UAB School of Health Professions, sits with W. Timothy Garvey, M.D., the Butterworth Endowed Professor in Nutrition Sciences and director of the UAB Diabetes Research Center. The two discuss his 4+ decades of studying obesity, diabetes, and more. Dr. Garvey talks about his "complication-centered" path of study, changing how the world defined obesity, and he gives his best advice to those struggling with weight - advice that may surprise you.

Laura Vogtle and OTD

Laura Vogtle and OTD

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with Laura Vogtle, Ph.D., professor and director of our Post-Professional Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy program. The two discuss the dual OTD programs offered by the Department of Occupational Therapy as well as managing the demands that face the modern day faculty member with research, teaching and of course virtual learning. Enjoy!

Guide Safe and UAB Healthcheck Future

GuideSafe and UAB Healthcheck Future

In this episode - the initial episode of Season 2 - Dean Andrew Butler chats with Sue Feldman, Ph.D., professor and director, UAB Graduate Programs in Health Informatics, and Mohan Thirumalai, Ph.D., assistant professor and director, ICT, UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative. They discuss new developments to the GuideSafe and UAB Healthcheck apps as well as the future of the apps - post-COVID-19 pandemic.

External Relations Team

External Relations Team

In this episode - the final episode of Season 1 - Dean Andrew Butler chats with Katie Adams, senior director of development and leader of the SHP External Relations Team. They discuss how Work From Home has increased her team's reach with alumni, how faculty and staff can extend their legacies well beyond their time on campus, and much more. And of course, the video also includes a recap of some of the top news stories across the School of Health Professions over the past month. Enjoy!

Office of Student Recruitment, Engagement & Success

Office of Student Recruitment, Engagement & Success

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with Tracee Synco, assistant dean for Student Recruitment, Engagement and Success, about how her team recruits during social distancing, the impact of holds on marketing efforts, and the latest enrollment figures for the School of Health Professions.

UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative - Part II

UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative - Part II

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with James Rimmer, Ph.D., director of our UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative. The two discuss the demand for research and answers for clients with Multiple Sclerosis and the different studies and advances made by Rimmer and his colleagues.

UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative - Part I

UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative - Part I

In this episode, Dean Andrew Butler chats with James Rimmer, Ph.D., director of our UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative. The two discuss the research of groups like NCHPAD and RecTech and talk about how the new Lakeshore Foundation facilities impact people with disabilities whether they can visit Lakeshore's campus or not. The two chat via video conference in order to highlight the function of telehealth which is used in much of the Collaborative's research and work.

Undergraduate Research and Honors

Undergraduate Research and Honors

Our Undergraduate Research & Honors Program, led by Ted Bertrand, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, benefits our students and faculty. For students, it offers a unique opportunity to experience real world team-based problem solving in community health care as well as the possibility to earn research certificates as an undergraduate. For faculty, it offers research assistance, mentor opportunities, small grants, additional space and more.

Academic and Faculty Affairs

Academic and Faculty Affairs

In this edition of SHP Insight - Volume 1, Episode 2, Dean Andrew Butler shares the latest news and looks inside the UAB School of Health Professions' Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs. He sits down with Donna Slovensky, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean, to provide insight to the best practices in your collaborations with their entire team including the Learning Resource Center and Instructional Design and Support.

Responsibility Center Management

Responsibility Center Management

In the first edition of SHP Insight, Dean Andrew Butler looks at the latest news from the UAB School of Health Professions and sits down with Melanie Talbot, Assistant Dean for Administrative and Fiscal Affairs, to discuss the new RCM budget and what that means for faculty, staff and programs.