The MS in Nutrition Sciences, Dietitian Education Program track is an Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) accredited Coordinated Program in Dietetics. This track accepts admission for the fall term only and accepts a total of 30 incoming students each year between two program options.

Admission Requirements

Students ComputerStudents with a bachelor’s degree in any field of study are eligible to apply to the Dietitian Education Program track as long as they have earned a grade of C or higher in three credit hour courses for the following prerequisites:

  • NTR222 Nutrition and Health (3 credit hours)
  • NTR232 Lifecycle Nutrition (3 credit hours)
  • NTR320 Nutrition and the Consumer (3 credit hours)
  • NTR330 Nutrition and Metabolism (3 credit hours)
  • NTR420 Nutrition Genetics (3 credit hours)
  • NTR421 Nutrition Assessment and the Nutrition Care Process (3 credit hours)

Enclosed is a complete list of the prerequisites courses recommended through UAB (If you are a distance-based student, please note that only the Minor in Nutrition Sciences is available online. You may consider completing science prerequisites at a local Community College or University).

The Transfer Credit Equivalencies tool can help you determine if the courses you complete compare to those we recommend at UAB. Prerequisites cannot be completed concurrently with this degree program, all prerequisites must be completed prior to the program start date.

UAB students who major in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Bioenergetics meet all prerequisite requirements for this graduate program.

If you have not completed the equivalent to a Minor in Nutrition Sciences, you may consider exploring the MS in Nutrition Sciences- Lifestyle Management and Disease Prevention (LMDP) track. Students in the LMDP track can enroll in the Dietitian Education Graduate Certificate Program after completing 29-specific credit hours. Graduates of the LMDP track with the Dietitian Education Graduate Certificate Program are also eligible to take the national exam to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

Application Process

The MS in Nutrition Sciences- Dietitian Education Program track admits during the fall term only with the application deadline on May 15th annually. Complete the online UAB Graduate School application by clicking on this link:

Apply Now

The fee for domestic applicants is $50. The fee for international applicants is $60.

Minimum Admissions Requirements include:

  • Successful completion of all prerequisite requirements before the program starts with a minimum grade of C earned.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  • A personal statement.
  • Letters from three professional references.
  • Applicants may be contacted by the Program Director for a virtual interview following review of their application.

Official Transcripts

Submit official transcripts from all universities and colleges attended directly to the UAB Graduate School – note that proof of degree is required. If you have earned your degree from an international university, then you are required to submit to UAB Graduate School, as part of your application, a transcript evaluation from World Education Services (WES) at or from Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) at

Official transcripts are to be mailed to:

UAB Graduate School
LHL G03; 1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-0013

Please upload catalog course descriptions and/or course syllabi for nutrition prerequisites completed at other institutions.

Letters of Recommendation

As part of your application to the UAB Graduate School, you will provide reference contact information, including email addresses. UAB Graduate School will contact each of your references directly via email. Your letters of recommendation will be submitted electronically by your references directly to the UAB Graduate School. Three letters of recommendation are required.

International Applicants

For international students, there is an expected cumulative TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 80, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6.5, PTEA (Pearson Test of English Academics) score of 53, Duolingo score of 70, or an IELA (International English Language Assessment ) test score of 176.

Please contact the Office of International Admissions with questions specific to the English proficiency test requirements.

Program Mission, Goals, and Objectives

UAB's Dietitian Education Program mission is to prepare graduates who are highly trained entry-level Registered Dietitian Nutritionists through community partnerships, the application of research, and acquisition of knowledge, skills and experiences to improve the nutritional well-being of Birmingham, the state and beyond.

Goal 1: Facilitate graduates' entry into the dietetic profession as entry-level RDNs to serve in the Birmingham area and beyond.

Objectives for Goal 1:

Program Completion

  • At least 80% of program students complete program/degree requirements within 30 months in the Dietitian Education Program Track and 24 months in the Dietitian Education Program Graduate Certificate of the Lifestyle Management and Disease Prevention Track (150% of the program length).

Graduate Performance on Registration Exam

  • 95 percent of program graduates take the CDR dietitian credentialing exam within 12 months of program completion.
  • The program’s one-year pass rate (graduates who pass the registration exam within one year of first attempt) on the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists is at least 80%.
  • Over a 5-year period, at least 80% of program graduates will pass the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within one year of first attempt.

Graduate Employment

  • Of graduates who seek employment, 75 percent are employed in nutrition and dietetics or related fields within 12 months of graduation.

Employer Satisfaction

  • During their first year of employment, at least 90% of program graduates will be ranked by employers as “satisfactory” or better in professional knowledge and skills as compared to the expected competency of an entry-level Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

Goal 2: Prepare graduates who demonstrate the ability to utilize current evidence-based research and apply the research process in professional practice.

Objectives for Goal 2:

  • 85% of program graduates indicate on alumni survey that they routinely use current research findings in professional practice.
  • 75% of program graduates indicate on alumni survey that they have used the research process to make decisions in professional practice since graduation.

UAB Dietitian Education Program outcome data are available upon request. Please see the "Contact Us" page for our contact information.

Upon Admission

Students admitted to the MS in Nutrition Sciences, Dietitian Education Program track are required to complete the following by August 1 of their first year of enrollment:

  • UAB Immunization Requirements
  • UAB School of Health Professions Drug Screening Requirements
  • UAB School of Health Professions Background Check Requirements