CPE Clinical Case StudiesUAB’s MS in Nutrition Sciences – Clinical Track/ Dietetic Internship students complete Clinical Case Studies during their in-patient clinical supervised practice rotations. The purpose of these Case Studies is to apply evidence-based guidelines and emerging research to use of the Nutrition Care Process in different patient scenarios.

Presentation topics are dependent on students’ in-patient clinical exposures, but each presentation begins with an overview of the pathophysiology of the disease state followed by the implementation of the Nutrition Care Process.

Upcoming Clinical Case Studies

UAB preceptors are invited to attend the live, virtual case studies (4-5 per year) which provide 1 CPEU per hour. Preceptors will also be eligible to receive CPEUs for attending live case study presentations at program site visits. More information will be provided to preceptors as the case study dates approach, but please contact us with any questions.