Alysha Everett, BS

Mission Viejo, California


  • BS, BioHealth Science, Oregon State University
  • BS, Nutrition Science, Oregon State University
  • MS, Nutrition Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham


My research interests include fetal, infant and maternal nutrition. I am particularly interested in studying fetal/infant growth and development both in utero as well as during the first few years of life and how this development may be impacted by different environmental factors.

What made you decide to pursue a PhD?

I chose to pursue a PhD because it will provide me with an opportunity to gain experience in research. There are many skills I wish to learn or continue to develop during my time here and I am looking forward to being able to do so in this program. I feel that this program will teach me so much and I’m looking forward to broadening my research skills.

Any special interests, hobbies, or fun facts?

I am a big fan of sports, having played many throughout my life and even playing softball at the collegiate level. Some other activities I enjoy include hiking, going for walks, and reading or listening to music.

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