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Facilitator Development: Embedded Participant (EP) Workshop

The ESP workshop is dedicated to developing skills as an embedded participant (EP) during a simulated experience. These roles may include a family member, “helper” nurse, healthcare provider, and many others. Videos and practice will be used to familiarize learners with these roles and how best to embed EPs into a simulation. Topics covered include providing appropriate timely cues, identifying essential elements when performing as an EP, and facilitating simulations allowing for optimal participant learning.

Prerequisite - Sim 1 course

If you are interested in registering for the EP Workshop, please contact simuab@uab.edu


The EP Workshop is offered at NO cost to those within the UAB Simulation Consortium or partners in the Alabama Rural Health Collaborative.

Non-UAB/External registrants: EP Workshop - $275

Please make checks out to "UAB-Clinical Simulation" and mail to: 

UAB Clinical Simulation
1720 2nd Avenue South,JT 258 
Birmingham, AL 35294-5904 

Cancellation Policy

Employees within the UAB Simulation Consortium - Please let us know 24 hours in advance if you are not able to attend. To cancel or reschedule contact simuab@uab.edu or (205) 975-4169.

Non-UAB/External registrants - Please read the full cancellation policy here.