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"Addiction is a DISEASE, I truly believe this is not common knowledge and this was a great way to learn and understand this concept."

"It definitely gave perspective from the patient’s point of view."

"It really opened my eyes to how impactful this disorder is."

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The Opioid Simulation is a tabletop simulation intended to provide health profession students and practicing healthcare professionals the opportunity to understand opioid use disorder as a chronic, relapsing disease for which there is treatment and recovery. There are 2.1 million people in the United States, age 12 and older, who are living with an opioid use disorder. This includes using prescription opioids, heroin, or both. The objective of this experiential learning tool is to give current and future healthcare professionals an opportunity to experience opioid use disorder and to increase empathy and decrease stigma associated with opioid use disorder.


In the course of the simulation you will understand:

  • Opioid use disorder is a chronic, relapsing disease for which there is treatment and recovery.
  • The role of stigma in the opioid epidemic.
  • The impact of personal resiliency on opioid use

Who is this simulaton for?

This simulation is for all who want to learn more about opioid use disorder and decrease stigma in their institution. You do not need healthcare experience to do this simulation. 

  • Undergraduate Students
  • Health Professions Students (Medical, Dental, Nursing, Social Work)
  • Healthcare Providers/Healthcare Employees
  • Community members

To become a facilitator for this simulation, please contact us at for information about our facilitator course.