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This coordinated Medicine/Public Health degree is offered through the UAB Heersink School of Medicine (SOM) and the UAB School of Public Health (SOPH). The Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) is an academic research degree designed for those students planning to conduct research in basic science, health services, population health, etc. Students in this concentration earn the MSPH in Outcomes Research; this curriculum includes rigorous training in biostatistics and epidemiology in addition to focused coursework in health economics, cost effectiveness, etc. Students also produce a scholarly project that fulfills requirements for both the MSPH and MD degrees.


The MSPH degree requires a minimum of 43 hours; however, 12 hours are shared from the SOM curriculum. This allows students to earn both degrees in reduced time and at reduced cost.

Online students pay less than the out-of-state tuition rate for the MPH portion of this coordinated degree.

Download Sample Curriculum Planning Sheet (pdf)


Students must be admitted to the MD program before being considered for the coordinated MSPH/MD program. Students may elect to:

  • apply to both programs at the same time,
  • apply to the MSPH program after they have matriculated to medical school, or
  • transfer to the coordinated degree if accepted to the SOM after enrolling in the MSPH.

Upon acceptance to the MD program, students will be accepted automatically to the MSPH degree program. However, students must still complete an application for admission to the MSPH program.

Special Instructions

  • To apply for this degree, you will submit a supplemental application directly through the UAB Graduate School.
  • Select "MSPH dual program" and then the MD/MSPH General Track.
  • Test score field is required, so enter "GRE or MCAT" and a date so it will allow you to advance in the application.
  • In the essay section of the AY application, please indicate which campus you have been assigned to for MS3 and MS4.
  • The reference letter field is also required, so enter three names from your AMCAS application and select no when asked if they will be submitted electronically.
  • If you are a current medical student, a letter of recommendation is required from the SOM Associate Dean for Students. Please input that name and email in the letter of recommendation section and select yes for electronic submission.
  • Once the student is admitted to the MSPH program, they will be automatically accepted to the MPH portion of the coordinated degree once they submit their application to the UAB Graduate School.
  • Students should note that the Population Health program curriculum has been updated. If a student is submitting to switch from a different degree program or department into a Coordinated Degree or the General MPH in Population Health Degree, the student will be responsible for completing the current Population Health program requirements. Students should meet with the current program manager prior to submitting a petition to switch programs.

Application Deadlines


For additional information concerning the coordinated MD/MSPH program contact the School of Public Health at soph@uab.edu.

Professional Licensure and Certifications

Certification in public health is a voluntary credential that can help to distinguish a public health professional from their peers in the public health sector. The Certified in Public Health (CPH) credential is administered by the National Board of Public Health Examiners (www.nbphe.org). Specific licensure requirements vary from state to state, and among territories. Please visit the Professional Licensure and Certification General Disclosures webpage for more information on state and territories requirements.

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