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The PhD in Biostatistics is offered by the Department of Biostatistics.

The PhD in Biostatistics is founded in theory and application or statistical analysis. The aim is to produce research-oriented scientists who can advance statistical and modeling theory and can interact effectively with scientists in other disciplines to advance knowledge in those fields.

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Applicants should have a strong academic record and meet the minimum requirements for admission to the School of Public Health. In addition, the applicant's prior collegiate curriculum must include a three-semester sequence of calculus or equivalent and linear algebra. Proficiency in computing is preferred, as are additional advanced mathematics courses, e.g., differential equations, advanced calculus including special functions, and complex analysis. Some background in the natural sciences would be helpful.

In most cases, a prior MS in biostatistics, statistics, or a related field are required for admission to the PhD program. Students with a bachelor's degree are encouraged to pursue a MS degree in biostatistics before applying to the PhD program.

The Department of Biostatistics admits PhD students in the fall term each year. Interested students should apply online through the UAB Graduate School.

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