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  • Marketing Request

    Our Marketing Request Form allows the marketer to gather full information so that a strategic communication campaign can be created. It gives context, purpose and direction. All departments must submit their requests through this online system and do so at least six weeks in advance of their event, program or initiative launch.


  • Websites

    Our office manages the editing of all Division websites. It is the responsibility of each department to make sure that the information on their site is accurate and up-to-date. Web edits must be requested through our Web Edit Request Form. Requests via email are not considered official and the requester will be redirected to the form.


  • Social Media

    Social media platforms for Student Affairs departments are jointly owned by the department and Marketing and Communications. The creation of any new departmental social media platforms/mediums should be facilitated with the marketing office. Our Web Content Coordinator is available to support departments with their campaigns as well as provide guidance to staff or students in that regard.


  • Photography

    We offer photography services at programs and events if this is requested at least two weeks in advance. We reserve the right to deny a request if there are staff limitations. If no marketing staffer is available to document an event, the department camera can be checked out upon a brief tutorial for the user and at least two weeks' notice.

    Video production: Because of staff limitations, our office cannot offer full-service video production at this time. We will review requests for video on a case by case basis.

  • Design

    All departments should utilize the marketing department for all graphic design needs for materials that will be distributed outside of their department. For requests that come in less than six weeks out, departments must use the Canva resource, a design software that is pre-loaded with approved templates. Once the Canva document is created, those items must be sent to and approved by the Marketing Department before distribution. After that, we need at least 72 hours for review and approval/feedback.

    • Edits:  Three rounds of design/copy edits for every printed piece is allowed. All event, program, initiative, etc. details must be final before submitting edits to the designer. This will allow for timely delivery of the final product.
    • Logos:   Marketing & Communications will provide advisement on the feasibility of creating any new logos for events, programs and initiatives. Logos must have an expressed purpose and a long shelf life. (Note: The internal logos that were created at the start of the Division can no longer be used on materials that go out to external audiences. In the event the internal logo is used for something that will be shared externally, it must be accompanied by an official UAB department logo and be approved by Marketing & Communications.