When guarding your wellbeing during a pandemic, it’s important to take care of yourself, and even find some ways to have some fun and engage with others in safe ways.

The impact of COVID-19 has not only impacted our global world, but also the worlds of our students Student Affairs picturehere at UAB. So much has changed; from the way classes are held to the way people dine and engage. During this time of transition and uncertainty, it is important to preserve your physical and mental health.

Our Student Affairs wellbeing experts drafted a few tips to keep in mind as you work to preserve and protect your wellbeing:

  • Engage with others: There are lots of fun ways to use technology to talk to, see, play games, exercise with and/or watch a movie with others and ensure your social distance.
  •  Have some fun: Even within a pandemic, there are ways to make memories that you treasure: be creative, play, dance, laugh, and find joy in every way that you can.
  •  Move: Whether you plan to exercise or just stay active, movement will help your brain, body and spirit.
  •  Rest: Find quiet moments to reflect, sleep and take mental breaks.
  •  Seek good nutrition: Healthy foods nurture our bodies and we feel better physically when we incorporate them into our diets.
  • Get outdoors: Take a moment to enjoy nature – it helps reduce stress hormones and helps us feels connected with the earth and something bigger than ourselves.
  •  Do something you find meaningful: A sense of purpose or meaning in our lives greatly enhances our overall wellbeing; it can be something as simple as starting or finishing a small project you’ve wanted to do or through work that is paid or volunteer.
  •  We are all in this together: Reach out and take care of your family and friends and seek help if you are struggling mentally or physically.

    For more information about resources available for students during this time, please visit the Student Affairs COVID-19 Help page.