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UAB Family HUB

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The UAB Family Hub is a new way for you to stay involved with your student and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Your one-stop-shop for:

Access to important campus news and deadlines

  • Personalized e-newsletters
  • Alters via email
  • Sharing of updates with family and friends
  • Integration with student academic and financial records, if access is granted by UAB student

To create an account and set up your profile, click here.

Once you create an account, you can select the type and frequency of information you would prefer to receive. If your email address or contact information changes, please update this on your UAB Family Hub profile.


Reporting a student in distress

For some students, personal, emotional, psychological, academic, or other challenges may hinder their ability to succeed both in and outside of the classroom. When a student encounters a barrier to their success, it is important to know who to turn to; who can help. Please let us know if there is a student you believe may need additional support.