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  • Tutoring

    UAB offers free course-specific tutoring to its students in both a one-on-one or group format.

    UAB Bookstore

    The official UAB bookstore is in the Barnes & Noble in the Hill Student Center. Get prepared for each semester and make sure to stock up on your UAB gear!

    Vulcan Materials Academic Success Center & Exploratory Advising

    The Center provides students with a host of resources to support their transition to university learning, strengthen their academic endeavors, explore majors and other plans of study, and develop essential skills that lead to academic success. Students experience learning in a variety of ways in the Center by participating in academic coaching, study skills workshops, tutoring and supplemental instruction.

    Writing Center

    University Writing Center is UAB students' go-to place for help with any kind of writing.

    Disability Support Services

    Disability Support Services (DSS) office ensures an accessible experience through collaboration with UAB partners. These partnerships create a campus where individuals with disabilities have equal access to programs, activities, and opportunities by ensuring we identify and remove barriers, provide individualized services, and facilitate accommodations.

    Academic Calendar

    Stay up to date with all the important University events

    Accessing Student Information

    Accessing Student Information

    Though the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents schools from divulging student information to anyone other than the student, you can still gain access to the information you need through Parent/Guest Access.

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      Through Parent/Guest Access, your student can grant five individuals access to vital information on their UAB record. This information includes the typical details that parent’s need to stay “in the know” regarding their student’s records. Instead of logging into BlazerNet, you will log into www.uab.edu/parentaccess using your email address and the password that the student has created for you to access the information, which includes:

      • Current charges*
      • Estimated charges for the upcoming semester
      • Financial Aid Awards
      • Academic history, standing, GPA, and courses taken
      • Current Course Schedule
      • (Coming Soon) Student’s Immunization Status
      • *You are also allowed to make payments toward the student’s account

      Have your student log into Blazernet and select the Links/Forms tab. Under the Links column, click Parent/Guest Authorization Agreement. The student will type in your email address and create your password to grant you access to their records. Parent/Guest Access must be renewed annually by the student. If your password to the parent site is not working/expired, please contact your student and have them verify the password or reset it.

  • Career & Professional Development

    The Office of Career & Professional Development strives to prepare your student to enter the challenging job market by offering the following: consultation appointments, website resources (including jobs opportunities), internships, resume critiques, professional development training, and walk in hours.

    Student Multicultural & Diversity Programs

    This office serves the UAB community by developing programs and resources which promote multicultural and social justice awareness, education and appreciation.

    Student Involvement & Leadership

    This office provides students with endless ways to get engaged on UAB’s campus from student organizations, to campus wide events, to volunteering in the community, and so much more!

  • Campus Dining

    All full time undergraduate students are assessed a $225 Campus Dining Fee during Fall and Spring semesters. These funds can be used for food purchases at all UAB campus restaurant locations. Funds are accessed by using the UAB ONE Card. Any student may select a meal plan option, but ALL students living on campus are required to select a meal plan.

    Campus Recreation

    All UAB students have access to the University’s state of the art recreation facility, as well as the opportunity to participate in competitive sports through intermural and club sports, or take on quest with the adventure recreation programs.

    Counseling Services

    Counseling Services

    Counseling Services is here to assist in developing students' potential in physical, academic, spiritual, psychosocial, emotional and vocational areas.

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      Counseling Services offer the following confidential services free to all UAB students:

      • individual and couples counseling
      • crisis counseling
      • wellness programs
      • group opportunities
      • educational resources

    Student Health

    All UAB students have access to medical office visits, evaluation and development of a treatment plan at no additional cost.

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      UAB Student & Health Wellness Center offers complimentary primary care services including:

      • Acute & chronic care
      • Women's Health
      • Basic mental health evaluation & treatment
      • Immunizations
      • Treatment of minor emergencies
      • Sexual health clinic
      • Sports medicine clinic
      • Allergy injection clinic

      Diagnostic testing is available on a fee-for-service basis and can be billed to the student's insurance or directly to the student.

    University Housing

    University Housing

    University Housing utilizes a needs-based approach specifically designed to ease the transition to college and enhance the education experience.

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      Students benefit from vibrant, inclusive communities with a low student to staff ration, faculty interaction, a completely alcohol-and tobacco-free environment in our first year residence halls, plus personal development programs addressing common issues college students face.

      Each residence hall has a residence life coordinator, which is a professional full-time staff member, who oversees each hall or area, and student staff members known as resident assistants handle floor administration and enforce housing policies.

      Don't forget to review the Move-In Guide

  • Student Advocacy Right & Conduct

    This office is here for students when they encounter barriers to their success, it also is the home for the UAB Student Code of Conduct.


    This is the emergency alert system the University uses to communicate with its students, faculty, staff and visitors in situations of emergency or severe weather.

    Rave Guardian App

    This free app for UAB students allows for quick communication between friends, family, and the UAB policy in case of an emergency.

    UAB Police

    UAB Police

    UAB's accredited police force patrols the campus 24 hours a day by car, bicycle, T3 Human Transporter, Segway, motorcycle and on foot.

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      UAB also offers several additional programs and services to help ensure the safety of students including:

      • Campus escorts- a late-night, on-demand van service from 9 p.m. - 5:30 a.m.
      • Rape Aggression Defense system
      • Campus Watch
      • Help Phones: More than 450 phones located in building hallways, elevators, parking lots, parking decks, between buildings and in various remote areas. They are a direct link to the UAB Police Department and are monitored 24 hours a day.
  • Net Price Calculator

    This tool is designed to assist you and your student determine the cost of attendance at UAB.

    One Stop

    One Stop Student Services assists students with their academic record, financial aid, registration, student accounting, ONE Card, and other topics… all in one place!


    Discover more about scholarship opportunities for UAB students.

    Tuition & Fees

    View the most up-to-date information about the year’s tuition and fees.

    When Payments are Due

    Find the dates for when your student’s tuition is due (both for full payment as well as the payment plan timeline).

    To view your student’s financial aid information, your student must grant you access to their account information through their BlazerNet account. Once access has been granted, family members will log into their students account by going to the Parent Access Page.

    UAB One Card

    The UAB one card serves as a student’s key to campus from providing access to residence halls and campus recreation, to serving as their dining card, and so much more. There is a lot to know about this great card!

  • Parking

    If your student plans on bringing a car to campus during the academic year they must register their vehicle with UAB Parking and Transportation Services. Students will receive a parking permit which designates the specific lots they may park in. All fees for parking permits are assessed onto their student fees. There are metered spots available on campus, through rates may vary.


    UAB offers free transportation through the UAB Blazer Express to all students, employees and authorized visitors. There are 6 designated routes to take students throughout the entire campus.


    UAB offers free transportation through the UAB Blazer Express to all students, employees and authorized visitors. There are 6 designated routes to take students throughout the entire campus.

  • BlazerID

    To access the technology resources at UAB and to register for classes students use their BlazerID, which also serves as their email address.

    picure of techConnect room


    Our convenient on campus location offers academic discounts on Apple, Dell and Microsoft Surface computers and accessories for personal purchase. In store services also include computer repair and software support.

    Office 365: this account give students access to up to 5 free copies of Microsoft Office 365

    Tech Support & AskIT

    This area of UAB's Information Technology help desk, provides support for technology services to all students. If your student needs assistance with general computer problems or information about UAB computer services they can contact AskIT at askit.uab.edu or 205 996-5555.

    UAB Mobile App

    This UAB specific app is designed to assist anyone in navigating our campus from providing a gps enabled campus map, keeping you up to date on University news, and much more. This app is UAB at your fingertips!

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