• Birmingham Big Battle - Callie Wilson(c) vs Shaheed & DJ Supreme

    - Jared Chesnut - BlazeRadio DJ/Operations Manager

    Before we get to the "tale of the tape", perhaps its best to fill you in on what kind of showdown we've got here.

    Birmingham Big Battle is a 1v1, winner stays on competition between some of the best local artists and bands. Each week, the champion takes on a new challenger, with the winner decided via voting from our listeners on Twitter (@blazeradio, in case you were wondering). Voting runs through to the next Wednesday, where we'll announce the champ on that week's show.

  • Birmingham Big Battle - Spring Fest Battle Royale!

    Birmingham Big Battle

    We've got a brawl for all!

    - Jared Chesnut, Operations Manager/DJ, UAB BlazeRadio

    It's been generating some buzz on campus and online, so we're gonna give you a heads up: BlazeRadio is teaming up with Hot 107.7 to proudly present Khalid to perform at UAB to close out Spring Fest on Saturday! That said, there's still a space free for an opening act, and when the topic came up, it only made sense to handle this the one way I knew how: The 1st Annual Birmingham Big Battle's Battle Royale!

  • Birmingham Big Battle's "Tale of the Tape" - Kenny Loften vs. (c)Richard Daniel

    SF Armory Boxing RingSF Armory Boxing Ring - Image courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsJared Chesnut - BlazeRadio DJ/Operations Manager

    After a battle that saw challenger Whitt make a huge comeback in the last few days, Richard Daniel stood his ground to retain the Birmingham Big Battle title for a 3rd week. Standing between Daniel and a month-long reign with the belt, however, is a man who's been all over Birmingham: Kenny Loften.
  • Red Planet Reviews - "The Healing Component" by Mick Jenkins

    Jared Star Trek

    DJ Red drinks more water for this review. Artwork by Sarah Faulkner.

    - Jared Chesnut - BlazeRadio DJ/Operations Manager

    Disclaimer: Red Bull kindly and generously provided transport, lodging, and access to Mick Jenkins’ performance in Nashville. That said, the views and opinions of the album are solely those of the author.

    My first exposure to Mick Jenkins was a cram study session ahead of his October gig for Red Bull Sound Select in Nashville. For whatever reason his name was one that I hadn’t really paid attention to around the studio. That said, what little I had time to hear from the Huntsville native set up some solid expectations, which were absolutely met on a cold October night in the packed full Exit/In. Between a constant flow between styles, messages, and a treatise to “drink more water,” Jenkins carried a charisma on-stage with him that boosted his material. It was after that fact that I got a hold his late September release “The Healing Component.”

  • Secret Stages 2016 Preview

    Secret StagesImage courtesy of Travis MorganJared Chesnut - BlazeRadio Operations Manager
    The summer festival season continues in Alabama, and this time it's one of Birmingham's biggest secrets being let loose... 

    On Friday and Saturday Aug. 5-6 Birmingham's Loft District is going to be occupied by Secret Stages. For the last five years, Secret Stages has been a bastion for local music, underground artists with cult followings, and exciting acts on the cusp of breaking big, with the likes of Mega Ran, Dawes, Shaheed and Supreme and Skoolie Escobar participating in past editions. For 2016, the lineup is proving to be equally diverse, with a broad range of genres represented from neo-soul to hip hop to dream pop all the way around to jazz. Birmingham's music scene is going to be represented in a big way at the festival, with hometown heroes such as Wray, No Suh Foster, Vulture Whale and Love Moor representing for the home team, plying their trades in various venues in the neighborhood such as Rogue Tavern, Das Haus and Matthew's Bar and Grill.
  • Secret Stages 2016 Recap

    IMG 3017Secret Stages 2016 Backdrop. Photo by Baili Grace BighamJared Chesnut - BlazeRadio Operations Manager

    At some point on the arduous trek back to campus from the grounds of Secret Stages on Day 1, a weariness set upon me. Perhaps due to the lack of sleep, or possibly the detour to the Waffle House at 3am, my body just could not be willed to move any further; its limit had been reached.
    However, in a classic example of mind over matter, memories of the energy on display and the broad range of emotions and elation in the hours previous seemed to spark a brief rekindling of my spirit, which saw me off to my destination. If going to a music festival inspires me to write something so cheesy and melodramatic, that's usually a pretty good sign.

    Secret Stages 2016 is now in the books. With 80 bands and artists on hand to perform and many other activities of interest going on, it would be a herculean effort to catch everything. That said, we've got the low down on some of the coolest people and things from the weekend.
  • TRACK TAKES: Uno draws wild card


    Uno draws wild card

    trent photo
    Trenton Foston
    General Manager of BlazeRadio

    Artist: UnoTheActivist 
    Album: Limbus Pt. 2  

    Uno dropped the follow up to the “Limbus” EP early December of last year, rolling off the success of the Rich The Kid assisted ‘Fabo’.  However, we all know it’s very hard to keep up with the amount of music that drops monthly and this project deserves to have some spotlight shed on it. Out of its eight tracks, five of them are highly replayable.  “Cloned Existence” is my personal favorite.

    Along with the ones in the RIB and Ethereal Dreams, where he doesn’t try to shy away from Carti comparisons at all (smh). All in all, the entire project has maybe one skip and that isn’t because it’s bad. It’s because the rest of the album is too hype for that one to keep your attention. 

    “Cloned Existence” is my favorite, mostly because of the meme with Spider-Man pointing at an imposter and the parallel Uno is drawing for those he feels should be pointed out. This is interesting though, because some might say that his sound is reminiscent of Young Thug or Playboi Carti, which is readily apparent.

    What I would say to those people, however, is that one, Uno is Carti’s cousin and that two, Uno brings his very own wave to the scene. From a songwriting perspective, his league is ahead of most of his peers. This is shown to us on the intro, “Ethereal Dreams,” which I agree sounds a lot like his cousin, but is undeniably good and different enough that you would have to ask who created it. “Purgatory,” on the other hand, has a similar instrumental. However,

    Uno gets to flex a lyrical prowess that sets him apart from the pack, which is why I chose it as one of the better songs on the album. 

    As “A Young Boy” sounds just like it was produced by CHASETHEMONEY and belongs on a TRILLER highlight reel, which is more lit than a thought can produce, so just listen to it. You’re welcome.  “Requiem” is a welcome revisit to the status quo for Uno, but if it slaps it slaps and it does indeed - slap.  

    Add ‘As A Young Boy’, ‘Requiem’ and ‘Purgatory’ to the same playlist that you might have Carti or Yung Bans in, it’ll fit right in.