• Cheap Eats: Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant

    The Los Amigos chimichanga is drenched in queso when it comes to your table. (Photo by Jackson Hyde)The Los Amigos chimichanga is drenched in queso when it comes to your table. (Photo by Jackson Hyde)Jackson Hyde - Features Editor

    Los Amigos is a short drive away from campus serving Mexican food from burritos to quesadillas. Most of their fare is under $10, and the stuff that isn’t barely breaks that mark.
  • Coffee to soothe the bougie soul

    Blake Burell, store manager of Revelator Coffee Company. Photo by Surabhi RaoBlake Burell, store manager of Revelator Coffee Company. Photo by Surabhi RaoSurabhi Rao - Features Editor

    Revelator Coffee Company is the kind of place that I truly wish I liked, because of the unique atmosphere and interesting conversation. In one word, my initial impression of the place was confusion.

  • Date night dining: Birmingham’s Bottega

    Franks Favorite Cake RGB“Frank’s Favorite Cake” is one of Bottega’s many decadent dessert options. (Photo by Jackson Hyde)Jackson Hyde - Features Editor

    Bottega is an Italian restaurant in Birmingham known for its high price tag, masterfully prepared food and distinguished atmosphere. It is a sister of two other well known, sophisticated restaurants in Birmingham, Chez Fonfon and Highlands Bar and Grill. Although Bottega’s cafe opens at 11 a.m., its dining room doesn’t open until 5:30 p.m., where the more expensive meals are served.

    Preparing to dine at Bottega is a trial of its own. The official dress code is business casual, but when people in Birmingham get an opportunity to dress up, many do. As long as you don’t wear shorts or sandals, you’ll be admitted to Bottega. However, may feel awkward wearing a T-shirt and a pair of khakis while other diners are eating in jackets and dresses, so I’d recommend wearing something that makes you feel sophisticated. Also keep in mind that Bottega has mandatory valet parking in their lot, so if you don’t want to pay for that make sure you can survive a trek from wherever you found a free spot.
  • One-minute, customizable mug-cake

    OvenBird, on 3rd Avenue South

    This mug-cake recipe is a way to personalize a sweet treat fit for the winter while saving time and money. Photo by Isabell Moon

    - Isabell Moon, Contributor

    It’s getting close to finals week, and the weather just keeps getting colder. In the rush to cram all that last minute material into your mind, you probably won’t have enough time (or money) to enjoy all the wintery treats that you’re daydreaming of.

  • Quick, easy chili with vegetarian substitutes

    Marco Morosini

    This chili recipe only costs $10. Adding sour cream, jalapeño peppers and cheese gives this dish a creamy kick. Photo by Isabell Moon

    - Isabell Moon, Contributor

    This chili recipe is quick, easy and extremely affordable. You can buy all the ingredients for about $10. All you’ll need is a large pot with a lid and a cooking spoon. This chili is fairly low maintenance and is great for a beginner meal that isn’t pre-packaged (sorry, mac and cheese).

  • Review: Hottest dogs in Avondale

    Hot Diggity Dog logo. Photo by Ian KeelHot Diggity Dogs logo. Photo by Ian KeelMugdha Mokashi - Contributor

    The unmistakably “hip” part of Birmingham is Avondale, which serves food on the decidedly funkier and fresh side. So I wasn’t surprised to find a gourmet hot dog joint nestled at the hip of Fancy’s on Fifth. This eatery is hidden behind an unassuming door next to a cheerful cartoon-y sign that reads “Hot Diggity Dogs.” When you open the door, you are greeted by a mysterious staircase and no signs of life. This changes quickly, because the loft of the building (directly over another Avondale favorite, Fancy’s on Fifth) is home to a laid-back, lively joint.

    Eating at Hot Diggity Dogs feels like a scene out of a TV show—it’s a quintessential “hang out” spot, with exclusively barstool seating and exposed brick walls. An enormous smiling cartoon hot dog in an Uncle Sam-esque top hat graces the artsy wall. It’s very pop art and very, very new-age Birmingham. The crew behind the counter cook and serve up the dogs fast-food style, and are always joking around with each other and the customers. It’s a friendly, how-do-you-do sort of place that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  • Southern vegan: Sweet Sriracha tofu

    TofuThe tofu cooking after being seasoned. Photo by Baili BighamBaili Bigham - Head Entertainment Columnist

    Wanting to try something new to eat but easy to prepare? This sweet sriracha tofu will give your inner vegetarian a chance to shine and a way to impress your guests with a new dish. With prep time included, you can have this meal warm and ready in as little as 20 minutes. Fair warning: this meal is as spicy as it is delicious.

    For this recipe you will need:

    1 block extra firm tofu (I prefer Trader Joe’s brand, both cheap and organic)
    2 tablespoon soy sauce
    1 tablespoon coconut oil
    ¼ cup Sriracha hot chili sauce
    ¼ cup brown sugar
  • What’s all the buzz about Hattie B’s? Review of a first experience

    hattieHattie B’s Nashville hot fried chicken sandwich, topped with slaw and with a side of baked beans. (Photo by Baili Bigham)Baili Grace Bigham- Head Entertainment Columnist

    As a native Alabamian, I understand how essential soul food is for the heart.

    In the South, we take our fried chicken seriously. Hattie B’s is Nashville’s gift to Birmingham. Ever since it opened June 1, it has had a full house. The restaurant, located in Lakeview across from Jack Brown’s and Oasis, is the only Hattie B’s outside of Tennessee.