• A day in the life of a conservative on campus

    Illustration by Corey BrightIllustration by Corey BrightElizabeth Earwood - Contributor

    I will never forget the day a student next to me leaned over and said, “Thank you so much for what you said in class yesterday; I couldn’t agree more.” These are kind, but strange words to conservatives at UAB. In that particular class, we had discussed the topic of government supported women’s health programs like Planned Parenthood. In class I could not help but express my certainty that government sponsored advice for women and family planning is far from the best. Yet, I was embarrassed to consider that I was the only one who thought so—this is what it is like to be a conservative at UAB.
  • Blatant media bias keeps Clinton’s campaign on top

    Illustration by Corey BrightIllustration by Corey BrightGunter Wisdom - Contributor

    It took only 18 minutes of missing tape to impeach and remove President Nixon from office.

    Compare these 18 minutes of missing audio tapes to Hillary Clinton’s 30,000+ missing emails, thousands of controversial leaked campaign emails, a litany of rape accusations aimed at Bill Clinton, numerous recently released Project Veritas videos that seem to prove that Democrats have incited violence at Trump rallies and committed voter fraud across the country and the reported scandals supposedly riddled throughout the Clinton Foundation.
  • Democrats, we failed; this is our burden to bear

    Illustration by Corey BrightIllustration by Corey BrightAaron Stuber - Opinions Columnist

    Dear Democrats, what the hell did you do? I’ve heard accusations saying that it’s the Republicans’ fault that Hillary Clinton lost the election, but it’s not.
  • Opposing views: when the issues are personal, the decision is critical

    Illustration by Corey BrightIllustration by Corey BrightCaleb Carter  - Contributor

    Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career working to expand opportunity, level the playing field and secure peaceful prosperity for all people.
  • The day that progress stood still

    Illustration by Corey BrightIllustration by Corey BrightImagined by Tessa M. Case // News and Science Editor// news@insideuab.com

    Hillary Rodham Clinton was inaugurated president on Jan. 20, 2017. Her platform included a fair tax system, disability rights, racial justice, LGBT rights and equality, early childhood education, infrastructure and a myriad of other promises.
  • The fall of the Republican Party

    Republican FallIllustration by: Corey BrightAaron Stuber - Opinions Columnist

    As Donald Trump’s poll numbers continue to fall against Clinton’s double-digit lead, one can’t help but stop and think about how we got here.
  • This year in Birmingham

    Mumford and Sons playing a show in London. (Photo from the band's Instagram).Mumford and Sons playing a show in London. (Photo from the band's Instagram).Anna Sims - Digital Copy Editor

    Sarah Faulkner - News Editor

    Tamara Imam - Copy Editor



    Iron City:

    Located on 22nd Street South and only about four blocks north of campus, Iron City is an intimate music venue. This venue houses a general admission floor experience, balcony seating and a full bar. According to their Facebook page, the event center’s standing capacity is 1300, which does not include the balcony seating. Iron City is new on Birmingham’s venue scene, having opened in 2013.