• Album art for Health's most "Death Magic." (Photo from pitchfork.com).Album art for Health's most "Death Magic." (Photo from pitchfork.com).Brandon Varner - Editor in Chief

    Howdy Pardners. It’s me, Brandon. I’m back for what may be my final hurrah in the music review game. I hope you’ve had fun, and I hope your semester goes well.
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    Twenty One Pilots, Chance The Rapper, Red Hot Chili Peppers. What do each of these bands have in common? Two words: new music. We have added a “Kscope Discover Weekly” playlist to Spotify and it is chock-full of brand new music just for your enjoyment. We did the searching so you don’t have to. This is what’s in store:
  • Corey Fountain performs at the third Lit House event. Photo courtesy of Nina Morgan.Corey Fountain performing at the third Lit House event. Photo courtesy of Nina Morgan.Nina Morgan - Contributor

    It can’t be helped—Birmingham is changing. Of course, new developments—for instance, the recently completed Rotary Trail in the Parkside District—dot the city, highlighting renewed corporate and local investment; but these things aren’t lone signifiers of Birmingham’s evolution. Organized and hosted by diverse groups of city-dwellers, community events are too reflecting change and illustrating a new kind of energy and vitality that seems to permeate the city and its people. Lit House is one of those events.  
  • Jared Star Trek

    DJ Red drinks more water for this review. Artwork by Sarah Faulkner.

    - Jared Chesnut - BlazeRadio DJ/Operations Manager

    Disclaimer: Red Bull kindly and generously provided transport, lodging, and access to Mick Jenkins’ performance in Nashville. That said, the views and opinions of the album are solely those of the author.

    My first exposure to Mick Jenkins was a cram study session ahead of his October gig for Red Bull Sound Select in Nashville. For whatever reason his name was one that I hadn’t really paid attention to around the studio. That said, what little I had time to hear from the Huntsville native set up some solid expectations, which were absolutely met on a cold October night in the packed full Exit/In. Between a constant flow between styles, messages, and a treatise to “drink more water,” Jenkins carried a charisma on-stage with him that boosted his material. It was after that fact that I got a hold his late September release “The Healing Component.”