• Bowie tribute at Saturn review

    David Bowie (1947-2016). Photo coutesy of SaturnDavid Bowie (1947-2016). Photo coutesy of Saturn.Jared Chestnut - BlazeRadio DJ

    onsidering how much the life and passing of David Bowie has become involved in not only my personal life, but my work here with KScope and BlazeRadio as well, I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a Space Oddity. Perhaps I’ll major in this extraterrestrial curriculum, study the Spiders of Mars and whatnot.

    As I sit at my computer, ears still ringing just hours after an amazing evening at Saturn, I realize that seems far more interesting than the mundane day-to-day. Gotta let all the children use it, lose it, and boogie, right?
  • This year in Birmingham

    Mumford and Sons playing a show in London. (Photo from the band's Instagram).Mumford and Sons playing a show in London. (Photo from the band's Instagram).Anna Sims - Digital Copy Editor

    Sarah Faulkner - News Editor

    Tamara Imam - Copy Editor



    Iron City:

    Located on 22nd Street South and only about four blocks north of campus, Iron City is an intimate music venue. This venue houses a general admission floor experience, balcony seating and a full bar. According to their Facebook page, the event center’s standing capacity is 1300, which does not include the balcony seating. Iron City is new on Birmingham’s venue scene, having opened in 2013.