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Blazers Bounce Back Canvas Course on Resiliency

Student Counseling Services is now providing our top-requested in-person workshop, Blazers Bounce Back, as an online course through Canvas. Faculty can embed skills of resiliency within their courses by utilizing the Blazers Bounce Back workshop, allowing students to complete the virtual workshop through Canvas at their own pace.

Assign the Blazers Bounce Back Course in one of 2 ways:

  1. General Course Already in Canvas for All Students. All UAB enrolled UAB students are assigned the Blazers Bounce Back course and will find the course in the Canvas dashboard. You can ask them to complete the course and determine what you would like for them to turn in for credit (they could complete the reflection assignment, for example, for a grade).

    If you would like to be enrolled as s student to see the course for yourself, please use the link below:

    Academic Technology Request formOpens an external link.

    Type “Blazers Bounce Back Resiliency” as the course you are requesting to gain access to.

    The direct link to the course in Canvas you can use to direct students (once they have logged into Canvas, they will be directed to the Blazers Bounce Back course): https://uab.instructure.com/courses/1547034
  3. Course copy to embed in your course for credit. You may request to have the course copied into your courses to allow for students to submit assignments and for you to track completion of the modules.

    Click below for the eLearning course copy request form.
    Course Copy RequestOpens an external link.

    For the source course, insert “Blazers Bounce Back Resiliency”.
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eLearning Course Copy Request Opens an external link.



  • Learning Objectives
    1. Describe mental health support services available through Student Counseling Services.
    2. Define stress and stressors.
    3. Describe the concept of resilience.
    4. Describe and apply the 4 R’s of Bouncing Back.
  • 4 Course Videos
    1. Overview of the course, including the course objectives.
    2. Introduction to UAB Student Counseling Services, including the programs, services, groups, online resources, and other offerings of the department.
    3. Understanding Stress.
    4. The 4 R’s of Bouncing Back: Recognize, Reframe, Reflect, Reach Out, with exercise to apply the 4 R’s.
  • For grading purposes
    1. Students complete a quiz following the 4th video to assess learning from the course.
    2. Optional written reflection.
  • To enroll students in your course(s) into Blazers Bounce Back Canvas Course
    1. Complete this form to request your course(s) be enrolled in the Blazers Bounce Back Canvas Course
    2. Student Counseling Services will work directly with the UAB Division of e-learning and Professional Studies (eLearning) to enroll the students in your requested course into the BBB Canvas Course.
    3. The BBB Canvas Course will show up in the Student's list of canvas courses. Students are responsible for completing the course and submitting what you are requesting to your course to verify completion.
  • Faculty Implementation Guide

    Coming soon!


For questions on the Blazers Bounce Back Canvas Course on Resiliency contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..