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Student Advisory Board 


The SCS Student Advisory Council seeks to unite students with the entire UAB community in order to

The SCS Student Advisory Council seeks to unite students with the entire UAB community in order to

  • Bring awareness to student concerns of mental health on campus
  • Reduce stigma and eliminate barriers to seeking mental health support
  • Advocate for administration to develop explicit policies in support of mental health services, including training of faculty


The Student Advisory Board meets monthly and is comprised of students all over campus, undergraduate and graduate, who are passionate about creating a culture at UAB that promotes mental health.

The board offers regular and ongoing feedback to the department of Student Counseling Services about the mental health needs of students on campus and the services provided to offer support. Additionally, the board members serve as advocates on campus by planning, supporting, and/or promoting events and initiatives that support student mental health as well as using their voice to communicate to UAB leadership about their needs. 

The board has a wonderful history of planning and starting programs and initiatives on campus:

  • BWell UAB Mental Health App (2021): Idea started by students on the Student Advisory Board
  • Started the Faculty Advisory Board (2019): Students wanted more ongoing conversations about mental health with faculty
  • UAB Mental Health Champion Award: Established to recognize the efforts of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and campus staff who champion mental health efforts on campus
  • Mental Health Town Hall (2017 – 2019): Annual campus-wide event (cancelled in 2020, 2021 due to COVID) to bring together students, faculty, and administrators on campus to have honest and open conversations about student mental health. President Ray Watts served on the panel each year


2020-2021 Student Advisory Board Meetings (Virtual until otherwise notified)

     Future dates to be announced.

For more information, contact Angela Stowe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


UAB SCS Student Advisory Board Mental Health Champions

Each spring, UAB SCS Student Advisory Board awards members nominated from the UAB community for the annual Mental Health Champion Awards. Award categories include undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty, staff, and/or student organizations who are passionate about advocating for mental health at UAB.

  • 2021 Mental Health Champions

    “She has gone above and beyond to make virtual and remote learning easier by still hosting accessible and knowledgeable events about mental health.”

    - Nomination for 2021 MHC Vani Mittal, Undergraduate Student

  • 2019 Mental Health Champions
    2019 Mental Health Champions

    “Laurence has been an advocate and voice for mental health in the graduate school. She has gone above and beyond to raise mental health awareness, destigmatize mental health, and establish resources for graduate students.”

    - Nomination for 2019 MHC Laurence Black, Graduate Student

    “Veronica has provided an invaluable safe space to young students like myself who are learning more and more about speaking up about mental health and advocating for others.”

    - Nomination for 2019 MHC Veronica Mixon, Undergraduate Student

  • 2018 Mental Health Champions
    2018 Mental Health Champions