The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s mission is to enrich the academic experience for each student through education, research, and service. The University believes disability is an essential component of diversity on our campus and values the unique experiences of each student.

Mission Statement

DSS provides an accessible university experience through collaboration with UAB partners. These partnerships create a campus where individuals with disabilities have equal access to programs, activities, and opportunities by identifying and removing barriers, providing individualized services, and facilitating accommodations.

DSS serves as the university-appointed office charged with providing institution-wide advisement, consultation, and training on disability-related topics which include legal and regulatory compliance, universal design, and disability scholarship.


Our philosophy promotes self-awareness, self-determination and self-advocacy by providing education to students with disabilities about their rights and responsibilities so they can make informed choices in order to meet or exceed the standards of all students at UAB.

DSS presentation table at an event