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Disability Support Services handles each request for services individually, which ensures you’ll receive accommodations that are appropriate for you. The list below does not include all the services and equipment available. If you have a specific accommodation request, please inform Disability Support Services.


Here are just a few examples of common accommodations DSS can provide (not a comprehensive list):

  • Sign Language Interpreters and Captioning
    • For students that identify as deaf or hard of hearing our office offers sign language interpreters, real time captioning (CART), or captioned videos for academic courses and events on campus.
  • Books In Alternative Formats
    • For students with print disabilities our office offers access to braille, digital book, or large print to assist students with accessing course materials.
  • Note-Taking Assistance
    • For disability-related reasons, students may struggle to record all necessary lecture information in their notes. The primary accommodation utilized is “ability to record learning sessions / access to notetaking support” which enables students to utilize an audio recorder, laptop or tablet for note-taking purposes. By audio recording, students can review parts of the lecture after class to help process new concepts and supplement their notes. Through use of a laptop or tablet, students may be able to take notes more quickly by typing or using a stylus, while also recording the audio, importing PowerPoint slides, or drawing diagrams or concept maps.
  • Testing Accommodations
    • Students who experience limitations or barriers related to tests or the testing environment may be eligible for testing accommodations. Common examples include extended time on tests, taking tests in a reduced distraction environment, and use of technology for assistance with reading or writing during tests.
  • Assistive Technology Software
    • Our office provides assistive technology and recommendations to students experiencing various limitations or barriers within the academic setting. Please view our curated list of assistive technology.

Housing Accommodations

Disability accommodations in housing are provided based on medical necessity when a disability prevents access to a dwelling. Housing accommodation could be a private bathroom for a GI disease, a private fridge for medical equipment storage, or a private bedroom to manage chronic health conditions. Generally, these accommodations would not be provided to access study space or address roommate conflict. Please contact housing to address issues outside of what is listed as a medical necessity to address housing accommodations.

Students who would like to request housing accommodations must complete the Housing and Residence Life application procedure as well as follow the DSS registration process.



Blaze Ride

Blaze Ride is a transportation service that offers additional service for employees or students with limited mobility — 7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Students must register with Disability Support Services to be provided access to these services. For more information, please visit UAB Parking & Transportation - Blaze Ride.