Thank you so much for considering Student Multicultural and Diversity Programs for your training or speaking needs. We have a staff that is knowledgeable, experienced and ready to train or present to your students or staff.


We are currently offering the following four trainings:


Who's In The Room

A facilitated set of activities and debrief that allows students to become more familiar with the importance of identity. Students will be able to recognize various aspects of their personal and social identities and have critical discussions about who they are. “Who’s in the Room?” is perfect for First Year Experience classes and other groups that may be new to discussion diversity related topics.

Length of Time: 45mins
Maximum number of participants: 30


Introduction To Implicit Bias

This is a more advanced session that delves into participants' experiences and understanding of themselves and how they interact with others. This training aims to unpack systems of power and oppression, how our identities fall within those categories and how our actions are affected. Both scenarios and action plans are implemented in this session to help participants feel prepared to make UAB a more inclusive and welcoming campus.

Length of Time: 120mins
Maximum Number of participants: 30


Introduction To Gender, Sex & Sexuality

This introduction is a helpful precursor to SafeZone 101. In this brief session, participants will learn about the differences and similarities between gender, sex, and sexuality. Participants will be provided with basic knowledge, definitions, and overview of how we see and understand these identities for ourselves and on a larger scale.

Length of Time: 60mins
Maximum Number of participants: 30


Cultural Humility

A general training that introduces participants to the concept of cultural humility. Cultural humility challenges the notion that one can achieve cultural competency in a short 'diversity training' or with a lifetime of experience. Instead, participants will leave this session understanding the importance of self-reflection, developing diverse partnerships, and addressing power imbalances they encounter.

Length of Time: 90mins
Maximum Number of participants: 30

If you would like to request a training for your student organization, email Cortney Johnson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. subject line “Customized SafeZone Training” and the following in the body of the email:

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  • Contact Pronouns: (she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs for example)
  • Student Organization Name:
  • Expected Attendance:
  • Potential Dates/Times:

After you have submitted your email, you will be contacted by a Lead Educator to work out the details of your training.