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Free Food For Thought

Free Food For Thought

Free Food for Thought (FFFT) aims to create a space for students, and sometimes community members, to share their thoughts and opinions about 'hot topic' or 'hot button' current events and issues. Each semester a topic is chosen for discussion and each session is framed around that topic.


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Join Free Food for Thought for the Spring 2021 series, "Tik Talk" where we will be exploring social justice themes through the lens of Tik Tok. Join us to reflect & discuss how to be more culturally aware in a digital world. We'll answer questions like:

  • Who gets to laugh?
  • Where did Gen Z language come from?
  • Who creates trends on TikTok?
  • Is TikTok racist?
  • How does privilege play a role in my For You page?

Come join us and watch Tik Toks and talk!



Here are some of the topics FFFT has covered in the past:


  • Fall 2013 :
    Solidarity of Social Justice: Seneca Falls, Selma and Stonewall
  • Spring 2013 :
    Through the Golden Door: Immigration Series
  • Fall 2014 :
    The Sex and Power Series
  • Spring 2015 :
    Hip Hop Symposium
  • Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 :
    The American Dream: Fact or Fiction Series
  • Fall 2016 :
    Race and Crime: An Investigation of the Legal System
  • Spring 2017 :
    Challenging Democracy: Examining the US Political System
  • Spring 2018 :
    Violence in America: Tradition or Epidemic
  • Fall 2018 :
    Crossing the Line: Immigration Debate in the United States
  • Spring 2019 :
    A Spring series on Health Disparities

FFFT encourages building a community that values inclusion and social justice. Interested participants exchange viewpoints on topics like these, resulting in a greater awareness about issues and experiences across social and personal identities. Learning from one another through facilitated, respectful discussion can help us value the contributions of peers.