General Policies

  1. All advertisements must be approved by the Hill Student Center Operations office located in room HSC 225. Standard operating hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.
  2. Any advertisement or posting should be of direct benefit to the students, faculty and staff of the UAB community.
  3. Non-affiliated or private entity advertisements are not permitted within Hill Student Center.
  4. No signage is to be placed on exterior facing windows with the exception of facility hours and standard building signage as approved by the Director of Hill Student Center.
  5. No handwritten signage (ex. posters with markers, chalk boards, dry erase boards) may be used to advertise in Hill Student Center.
  6. No self-made signage, flyers, menus, promotional items, or displays may be used in Hill Student Center apart from those utilized during approved promotional tabling.
  7. Exceptions to any posting/advertisement guidelines are at the discretion of the Director of Hill Student Center, the Division of Student Affairs and the University.

  • Student Affairs Marketing & Communication controls the digital screens in the Hill Student Center. All ads should be 1280px by 720px. 

    1. Student Organizations & University Departments may advertise on Student Affairs Digital Screens and aimed for prompting upcoming events.
    2. Student Affairs Marketing & Communication has the right to review, approve, and reject content if ads are deemed inappropriate.
    3. Student Affairs Marketing & Communication has the right to disallow and take down any ads.
    4. Ads may not include profane language or images.
    5. Ads may be rejected based on conflict of interest with UAB mission and values.
    6. To reserve ad space, the online reservation form must be completed.
    7. You will receive an automatic email confirmation when you submit your online request
  • Hill Student Center provides six (6) poster stands throughout the facility for general marketing, advertisement and promotion of University programs, events or services. Poster stands are strategically located in high-traffic areas to maximize exposure of content.

    Poster stands may be reserved by student organizations (in good standing), University Departments and University Contracted Vendors.

    1. Displaying of posters is strictly limited to the six (6) designated poster stands located throughout the facility. Posters are not allowed to be placed in any other area within the facility. Poster stands may not be relocated from their designated location at any time.
    2. Poster stands must be reserved through Hill Student Center’s online reservation system a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
    3. Printing of posters is the sole responsibility of the reserving party and should be pre-cut to exactly 24” x 36”. Accommodations may not be made for posters not cut to the designated size. No additional poster stands or displays may be placed within the facility without permission by the department of Hill Student Center Operations.
    4. Posters may be delivered to the Hill Student Center Operations office any time prior to the scheduled reservation. Standard office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
    5. Hill Student Center staff are responsible for inserting/removing posters from designated locations.
    6. Failure to deliver printed material prior to scheduled reservation may result in forfeit of posterstand reservation.
  • The Hill Student Center controls four (4) public bulletin boards within the facility. To accommodate as many advertisement requests as possible the following guidelines have been established. Failure to adhere to below guidelines may result in denial/removal of any advertisement within Hill Student Center.

    1. All posters/flyers must be approved by the Hill Student Center Operations office. Advertisements may be dropped off at either the 2nd floor Information Desk or the Hill Student Center Operations office. All advertisements will be thoroughly reviewed. Approved advertisements will be stamped, dated and hung by HSC staff. Advertisements must follow guidelines listed below for approval.
    2. Only posters/flyers promoting a specific University function, program, service, event or recruitment to a student organization are allowed to be posted in the Hill Student Center.
    3. All postings must be affiliated with either a student organization (in good standing), UAB Department/Program, University Office or contracted university affiliate unless granted written permission. Advertisements must clearly contain the name/logo and contact information of the sponsoring entity.
    4. Posters/flyers hung outside of the approved bulletin boards will be removed and the organization, department or sponsoring entity may forfeit their posting privileges and be held responsible for any damage incurred upon removal.
    5. Posting may remain on the bulletin boards for a maximum of fourteen (14) calendar days. All postings will be removed after this time regardless of the date of the event/program.
    6. Only two (2) posters/flyers per organization may displayed at any given time. HSC cannot hold or post-date advertisements for future posting. Advertisements should be submitted only when they are ready to be reviewed and posted. As space is limited, posters/flyers will be displayed on a first come, first serve basis during peak times throughout the academic year.
    7. Posters/flyers advertising alcohol related events are prohibited.
    8. Recommended advertisement size is 8 ½” x 11”, and must not exceed 11” x 17”.
    9. Advertisements may be bilingual as long as there is a comparable English translation included on the advertisement.
    10. No outside vendors, companies, organizations or agencies may post advertisements within Hill Student Center unless granted approval by the Director of HSC, Division of Student Affairs or University.
    11. Entities requesting to post flyers/posters should allow at least three (3) business days for approval process and posting.
  • Promotional tabling locations are provided throughout the interior and exterior of the facility and may be reserved by student organizations (in good standing), UAB Departments and University Contracted Vendors.

    Student organizations or Departments may reserve tables on behalf of a non-affiliated, collaborative partner, in which case the reserving party would be considered the TABLE SPONSOR. A representative of the sponsoring organization/department must be present at all times during the sponsored tabling reservation to ensure adherence to all policies/guidelines. Table sponsor assumes full responsibility for any sponsored reservation.

    1. Promotional tabling is strictly limited to seven (7) interior locations and ten (10) exterior/plaza locations. No tabling is allowed outside of these designated areas. Tables may not be relocated from designated location.
    2. All tabling locations must be reserved via Hill Student Center’s online scheduling system a minimum of 48hrs in advance.
    3. Tabling locations may be reserved for the purpose of marketing, promotion, recruitment or information/engagement only.
    4. Outside food is never allowed to be brought into Hill Student Center. For this reason, bake sales and food/beverage incentives/giveaways are prohibited at all interior tabling locations.
    5. Under AL HB498, harassment is defined as expression that is severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively denies access to an educational opportunity or benefit. Harassment of passerby is strictly prohibited.
    6. Egress and walkways must remain unobstructed at all times.
    7. Approved amplification can be played at a reasonable volume given is does not impede normal facility operations or impact operations of any department/occupant.
    8. Due to limited availability, tabling locations may be reserved for a maximum of three (3) consecutive days.
    9. Sale of goods for any purpose other than approved fundraising is strictly prohibited. Student organizations must receive prior permission from the office of Student Involvement & Leadership and Hill Student Center Operations prior to any tabling reservation involving fundraising.

  • One (1) banner display space is available for weekly rentals within the Hill Student Center. Located just inside the southwest entryway on the 1st floor, this location is highly-visible and is the busiest corridor in the facility. The rental fee is $45 per week for a maximum of two (2) consecutive weeks.

    Any banners hung outside of the approved, rentable space will be removed and the club, organization or department may forfeit their posting privileges. The Hill Student Center reserves the right to dispose of any unauthorized banners and are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged banners.

    1. Only banners promoting a specific function, event or service taking place within Hill Student Center or the UAB campus may be displayed.
    2. Only student organizations (in good standing), UAB departments or UAB programs/services may request to rent the banner display space.
    3. Banner requests must be submitted to the Hill Student Center Operations office a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the start date of the requested rental period.
    4. Name of the organization or department must be clearly displayed on the banner.
    5. Banners must be in good taste, clean, neat, use correct grammar, and contain no commercial advertisements or endorsements.
    6. Banners may be hung by Hill Student Center Operations staff only.
    7. Banners must be delivered to the Hill Student Center Operations office at least 48 hours prior to reservation.
    8. Banners must be picked up from the Hill Student Center Operations office within two (2) business days after the reservation. Any banners not picked up within this time frame may be discarded.

    Banner Specifications

    a) Banner must be professionally printed.
    b) Banner dimensions must be 3ft tall x 8ft wide.
    c) Banners must be vinyl and have grommets every 2ft.

  • Hill Student Center allows for short-term and long-term placement of sandwich boards (A-frame) and retractable banners with the prior approval from the department of Hill Student Center Operations.

    1. Occupants, university partners or organizations are limited to one (1) retractable banner and one (1) sandwich board at any given time. This includes multiple floors and interior/exterior of facility.
    2. Retractable banners and sandwich boards may only be used to promote a specific event, program, or service offered within Hill Student Center. Advertisement or promotion of nonaffiliated or private entities is prohibited.
    3. Any approved retractable banners and sandwich boards must remain within the close proximity of the department, office, or service being advertised.
    4. Retractable banners and sandwich boards must not impede traffic flow in any way, block interior/exterior egress or impede ability of guests needing accessible wayfinding.
    5. All retractable banners and sandwich boards remain the sole responsibility of the advertised department or organization. Hill Student Center is not liable for any loss or damage.
  • Distribution of all marketing/promotional material is strictly monitored within Hill Student Center and all Hill Student Center managed locations, including UAB Mini Park, HSC parking areas and HSC amphitheater.

    1. Under AL HB498, Hill Student Center supports expressive activity and the right to assemble, speak and distribute literature in our outdoor areas while space has been reserved by a student organization or University department. Unauthorized advertisements distributed/posted outside of designated areas will be discarded (e.g. inside bathroom stalls). Identified individuals/departments/organizations may be subject to disciplinary action.
    2. Table toppers are not permitted within any Hill Student Center dining or common area.
    3. Chalking is not permitted on Hill Student Center property without prior, written permission from the Director of Hill Student Center. Chalking is not permitted on the building or walls of the outdoor amphitheater.
    4. Yard signs advertising/promoting a University program, event or service may be placed on Hill Student Center property no earlier than two (2) weeks prior to event. Non-affiliated yard signs will be removed and discarded.
    5. Coupons, sporting event schedules, menus, business cards and miscellaneous advertisements may not be placed within Hill Student Center.
    6. Window painting of any interior or exterior is strictly prohibited without prior, written consent by the Director of Hill Student Center, Division of Student Affairs or University.
  • In order to maintain consistent and appropriate branding throughout Hill Student Center all facility occupants and University partners must adhere to the following guidelines related to departmental offices, retail space and common areas.

    1. Signage outside the door of any occupant/departments designated space is limited to one (1) 24” x 72” retractable banner or other professionally designed display. All signage must adhere to University branding guidelines.
    2. Advertisements for non-university entities or services is strictly prohibited outside of occupant/departments designated footprint. No advertisements may be placed in corridors or common areas of the facility.
    3. Any displays/advertisements visible from the corridor of the facility must be approved by the department of Hill Student Center Operations.
    4. Use of all adhesives, tape, tacks, nails, screws or other fastening devices are strictly prohibited for use on walls, doors, painted surfaces or windows.
    5. Easels are available upon request for temporary display of previously approved advertising or marketing material.
    6. Hill Student Center reserves the right to deny or prohibit posting/advertisement outside occupant/departments footprint as necessary to maintain consist facility standards.