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UAB Sustaining Employee Ambassadors logo.The Sustainability Ambassadors Program is one way to ensure departments on campus have an investment in and exposure to sustainability for all departments at UAB. The program will create a network of employees in each building on UAB’s academic and medical campus, and those employees will promote sustainability to colleagues in their building through problem-solving, communication, and new programming.

Sustainability Ambassadors will communicate and advocate for more sustainable practices within their buildings, programs, and scopes of work in an effort to cultivate a sustainability culture in the professional workspaces at UAB. They will also act as conduits of information to implement tailored sustainable programs to meet the needs of the buildings they serve.

Please email UAB Sustainability at sustainability@uab.edu if you would like to become an Ambassador. Nominations are also welcome!


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All program participants must:

  • Be a full time, benefits-eligible employee (faculty or staff)
  • Have the support of their direct supervisor to participate
  • Have an interest in recycling, wellness, or other sustainability-related initiatives

Sustainability Ambassadors Program participants agree to:

  • Serve as an Ambassador for a one-year term: August to August
  • Attend a lunch and learn orientation event in October, where information about general benchmarking for sustainability in higher education and key sustainability initiatives at UAB will be presented
  • Keep in regular, monthly contact with UAB Sustainability via email regarding updates from their building and events
  • Attend a second meeting in April


Sustainability Ambassadors 2019-2020

First Name: Last Name: Building: Room Number: Department Name:
Michelle Benedict CH19 B26 Environmental Health and Safety
Madeline Gibson PCAMS 111c Center for Clinical and Translational Science
Ciara Duncan Lister Hill Library G03 Graduate School
Krista Long Education Building 240 Center for Teaching and Learning
Brian J. Berthiaume Jefferson tower 1125 Transplant Services
Diane Tucker Heritage Hall 540 Honors College
Samira Laouzai MOPS 200 The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies
Brian Atkinson CVB 109 UAB Transportation
Aileen McElwain Administration Building 150D Office of the Provost- Faculty Senate
Kris Boyle Collat School of Business 205H Dean's Office
Andria Cimino PCAMS 202B Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS)
Ragib Hasan Campbell Hall 115 Computer Science
John Markle Nursing Building NB 1030 School of Nursing Dean's Office
Sarah Sterrett Bevill (BBRB) 546 Department of Medicine: Infectious Diseases
Joan Cadillac Research Support Building 220J Animal Resources Program
Edward Bradford School of Dentistry 171 General Dentistry
Jason Linville University Blvd Office Building (UBOB) 210 Criminal Justice
Kaitlyn Freeman Campus Recreation Center 220M University Recreation
Angie Snowberger School of Nursing NB 585 Family Community Health System
Katrina Strickland Nursing Building 385B School of Nursing Dean's Office
Sally Engler Nursing Building 352 Acute, Chronic and Continuing Care
Shantay Williams Nursing Building 213A School of Nursing Dean's Office
Ana Oliveira School of Health Professions Building (SHPB) 475 Clinical and Diagnostic Science
Jane Lucas Administration Building 1070 Office of the President
Beth Johns Ryals 330R School of Public Health: Health Care Organization and Policy
Heather Hunter Webb 337 Nutrition Sciences
Hannah Giddings UAB Hospital N/A Medical Intensive Care Unit
Toby Siegel Administration Building 1230N Community Relations
Mitzy Erdmann Chemistry Building 281 Department of Chemistry
Joshua Forakis Chemistry Building N/A Department of Chemistry
Carin Mayo Heritage Hall 414 Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Mary Whall Humanities Building 407D Department of Philosophy
Peggy Biga Campbell Hall 173 Department of Biology
Meagan Joseph Henry Peters Building 403 OcCERF (Ocular Surface Research Institute, Clinical Eye Research Facility)
Mickie Powell Campbell Hall 103 Department of Biology
James Grimes Chemistry Building Chem 212 Department of Chemistry
Leslie Hendon Campbell Hall CH 276 Department of Biology
Winston Lancaster Campbell Hall 165 Department of Biology
Douglas Barrett AEIVA 207 Department of Art & Art History
Randy Tims General Service Building 130 Enterprise Data Warehouse
Zach Ingram Chemistry Building CHEM 201 Department of Chemistry
Amy Page Alys Stephens Center 289 Department of Theatre
Elizabeth "Liz" O'Sullivan 936 Building 112 Enrollment Management/Undergraduate Scholarships
David Ray CBSE 180 EITD
Brian Brookshaw 801 Building 1111A UAB Libraries
Greg Curtis RRS 1st Floor UAB Print & Mail
Anna Johnston Campbell Hall 323 Department of Psychology
conway huang The Kirklin Clinic 4f 06 Department of Dermatology
Kristine Pike Sparks Building 1047 Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience
Jeffrey Allison Webb 506 Nutrition Sciences
Karen Beeching WTI 203 Comprehensive Cancer Center
David Gunnells CH19 412U Environmental Health and Safety
Samiksha Raut Campbell Hall 104 Department of Biology
Melanie Talbot School of Health Professions Building (SHPB) 985 School of Health Professions Dean's Office
Chris Klein SGF 1300 Decentralized Boilers
Wallieshia Austin Community Care Building 189 Infectious Diseases
Marcie Willis LRC 203 Learning Resource Center
Karen Parsons Heritage Hall 575 College of Arts and Sciences Development and Alumni
Tonya Webb UAB Police and Public Safety Department 203C Crime Prevention
Donna Hardiman Alumni House   Alumni Affairs
Paul Wolff 912   School of Public Health: Survey Research Unit
DeJohn Tellis Hulsey Building   Department of Music
Amanda Pullen Zeigler   Cardiovascular disease
Robert Estes School of Health Professions Building (SHPB)   Biomedical Sciences
Ashley Burks Jones UAB Police and Public Safety Department    
Joel Corley ASC, AEIVA, Johnson House    
Brianna Bryant Collat School of Business   Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Rindi Uhlich     UAB General Surgery
Debbie Maggard John Whitaker Building   UAB Medicine Financial Officers
Beth Mannino Jeffersons Tower   UAB Hospital: Resource Mgmt Systems
Alana Baldwin Hill Student Center   Student Affairs: Marking and Communications
Mariam Karimi Ryals   School of Public Health: Environmental Health Sciences
Andrew Eaton SHPB   School of Health Professions
Sarah Culver Collat   School of Business
Diane Crawley Collat   School of Business