• Sustainability Courses at UAB

    UAB Sustainability understands that our future belongs to the present. We focus on sustainability and the triple bottom line theory to empower our leaders to make data-driven decisions. We partner across our institution to ensure the decisions we make now will have a positive impact on the quality of life of the UAB community for generations to come.

    UAB has a special responsibility to act as a driver of sustainable solutions in our region and beyond. Our urban campus is a living laboratory, because of its:

    • more than 200 classroom, office, research, and hospital buildings,
    • space occupying more than 100 city blocks,
    • role as one of the top employers in the region,
    • role as the largest electricity user in the state, and
    • responsibility as the single-biggest contributor to Birmingham’s economy

    Sustainability Course List

    UAB’s expanding undergraduate sustainability curriculum engages academic disciplines and multidisciplinary programs to prepare our students to become environmentally and socially responsible global citizens. Each term UAB offers courses with content related to sustainability. Click any course to see its description:

    ANTH 104  Introduction to Peace Studies (3 s.h.)
    ANTH 351  Anthropology of Human Rights (3 s.h.)
    ANTH 483  Intern in Peace, Justice and Environmental Study (1-3 s.h.)
    ANTH 504  Human Rights, Peace, and Justice (3 s.h.)
    ANTH 652  Sustainable Peace Seminar (3 s.h.)

    BY 108  Human Population and the Earth's Environment (3 s.h.)
    BY 109  Laboratory in Environmental Science (1 s.h.)
    BY 124  Introductory Biology II (4 s.h.)
    BY 255  Invertebrate Zoology (4 s.h.)

    HY 439  American Environmental History (3 s.h.)

    Political Science & Public Administration
    PSC 103  American Environmental History (3 s.h.)
    PSC 361  North/South International Relations (3 s.h.)

    Civil Engineering
    CESC 602  Introduction to Sustainable Smart Cities (3 s.h.)
    CESC 608  Green Infrastructure and Transportation (3 s.h.)
    CESC 610  Health and Liveability (3 s.h.)
    CESC 616  Big Data and Smart Cities (3 s.h.)

    Science & Technology Honors
    STH 199  Introduction to the Scientific Process (3 s.h.)

    Public Health
    ENH 615  Environmental Justice and Ethics (3 s.h.)
    ENH 660  Fundamentals of Air and Water Pollution (3 s.h.)

  • Sustainability Undergraduate Degrees at UAB

    While UAB does not have a sustainability undergraduate degree, the undergraduate programs below do focus on sustainability-related ideas and concepts.

    Undergraduate Majors

    Undergraduate Minors

  • Sustainability Graduate Degrees at UAB

    While UAB does not have a sustainability undergraduate degree, the graduate programs below focus on sustainability-related ideas and concepts.

    Undergraduate Majors

  • Sustainability Certificate Programs at UAB

    If you are looking for a certificate program in sustainability, the following are good options at UAB:

  • UAB’s Red Mountain Project

    UAB’s Red Mountain Project is a professional development event that guides faculty in revising their courses to incorporate sustainability in their teaching. Participants come together for a one-day workshop in the spring and are provided with a course development grant of $1,500 in support of course development.

    Why Participate?

    No experience in sustainability is required, and we welcome all UAB faculty to apply. Through an day of presentations, exercises, discussions, reflection, and planning, participants will become familiar with the philosophy of change in higher education developed through the Ponderosa Project at Northern Arizona University and adapted in Emory University’s Piedmont Project.

    My field isn’t sustainability-related

    You may be apprehensive to apply because of your field, but we’ve had applicants from across the institution! We want applicants from all fields with ideas regarding new or existing courses. Examples include:

    • a module on pharmaceuticals in our waterways in a pharmacology course,
    • outdoor writing in an upper-level literature course, and
    • producing a recycling brochure in Spanish for a Spanish language course.


    The Piedmont Project at Emory University has great examples of syllabi from their program for you to review.

    Grant Expectations

    Red Mountain Project participants agree to:

    • Read materials prior to the workshop
    • Participate in a full one-day workshop
    • Prepare a syllabus during the summer for the course and submit it by the deadline
    • Grants will be offered to up to 15 faculty participants, who will receive a stipend of $1,500 upon completion and presentation of a new or altered course syllabus. Grants are limited to one stipend per faculty member.

    How to Apply

    Email UAB Sustainability, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the following information:

    • Name
    • Department affiliation and title
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Project: Include a one-paragraph description of the course you plan to alter or create, and how you think it may be tied to elements of social, economic, or environmental sustainability.
  • Learn the Basics of Green Building with Education @USGBC

    UAB Sustainability is committed to increasing knowledge and providing professional development opportunities for UAB’s campus community. In support of that goal, we have provided all UAB students, faculty, and staff with access to the U.S. Green Building Council’s unlimited education platform.

    We provide FREE subscription access to Education @USGBC, which features more than 600 hours of green building and sustainability education. This library highlights best-in-class courses and resources to establish a foundational knowledge of green building and sustainability concepts, as well as a variety of resources to support those looking to attain and maintain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professional credentials.

    Faculty & Professionals

    UAB Faculty: Find content for your courses Enhance your courses with discussion questions, tutorials on sustainability competencies and more! All materials with the subscription are free and available to UAB students.

    Education @USGBC Campus Subscription: Design, Construct and Operate Your Campus Learn how to how Education @USGBC can support your work on the design, construction, and operations of your campus and how to start using it today!

    Education @USGBC Campus Subscription: Knowledge-Based Badges Want to develop your resume and showcase your knowledge? Earn topic-based badges by taking a series of free courses available on Education@USGBC.


    How to Maintain your LEED Credentials Watch this video to learn how to how access free courses on Education @USGBC to maintain your LEED credentials.

    Learn about Green Building and Sustainability Interested in getting your LEED GA or other accreditation? Find free study guides, tests and courses to help prepare you for the test.

    How to Sign Up

    1. Go to the U.S. Green Building Council’s unlimited education platform, and sign up for your free subscription.
    • In the top right corner click “Account,” then “Create One” in the drop-down menu
    2. You will need UAB’s Member ID to complete your registration.
    • Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line: Request for USGBC subscription information
    • The request for information MUST come from a uab.edu email address
    • You will receive a response with the information you need
    3. Once you receive a confirmation email, you will have access to hundreds of hours of educational and professional development material.