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Strategic Plan 2019-2025


The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s vision is to embed sustainability as a fundamental value at the university through the development of sustainability literacy, solutions, and leadership. UAB students, faculty, and staff are committed to taking an influential role as responsible stewards of our resources and communities, and to using educational, operational, and research activities to promote global thinking and local action.

UAB’s Sustainability program was developed in 2013 to serve the university, hospital, and surrounding community, using the widely accepted definition of sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In practice, this is achieved by working to holistically incorporate sustainability principles and standards in operations, teaching and learning, research and innovation, and community outreach and education.

UAB is a thriving academic and medical community, situated in a vibrant city, and is an institution uniquely positioned to engage in robust dialogue centered on the questions posed in the pursuit of sustainability. To advance this dialogue, UAB Sustainability and the UAB Operations and Faculty Sustainability Committees conducted a two-year strategic planning process to determine the most important goals, strategies, and outcomes for a sustainable institution by 2025.

The Center for Educational Accountability assisted in guiding the process that included 13 working groups comprised of 67 members. Two public listening sessions were held, one on campus and one at UAB Hospital, and presentations made to institutional shared governance groups including the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Undergraduate Student Government Association. An online survey was distributed to all hospital and campus email addresses, including students, faculty, and staff, and more than 4,000 individuals responded to the survey.

UAB’s Sustainability Strategic Plan for 2025 is the result of the entirety of these meetings, conversations, listening sessions, presentations, and broader dialogue on campus and in the community. The resulting Sustainability Strategic Plan reflects a vision that aligns with the university’s shared values and concisely outlines the goals and strategies we will pursue over the course of the next six years.

Letter from the President

At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, we believe that institutions of higher learning should use their human and technical capacity to improve the quality of life in the communities where they are located and which they serve.

UAB is committed to making a positive impact through exceptional sustainability performance, and the UAB Sustainability Strategic Plan provides the direction for our institution to manage this achievement. The Sustainability Strategic Plan, a document intended to deliver a holistic vision with clear, institution-wide sustainability priorities and goals, was developed in consultation with a wide range of university stakeholders. The goals and strategies are also mindful of current UN international sustainable development goals, including environmental and human health, inclusive economic growth, and gender and racial equity. We will work to address these pressing global challenges through local action.

Our institutional leadership demonstrated through this plan will have a profound, positive influence on individuals, communities, businesses, and other institutions of higher education. The plan will provide a road map for building a healthier, more beautiful, and more resilient campus and community.

I fully support our sustainability vision and call upon all members of the university to play their part in achieving the aims and ambitions set out in this plan.


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UAB Center for Educational Accountability

Jason Fulmore, PhD Research Methodologist & Evaluator Center for Educational Accountability
Lawrence Moose Program Director Center for Educational Accountability
Rachel Cochran, PhD Assistant Director Center for Educational Accountability

Working Group

Adrienne Steading Director | Marketing & Digital Strategy UAB Health System
Alan Eberhardt, PhD Professor | Department of Biomedical Engineering UAB School of Engineering
Alison Chapman, PhD Professor & Chair | Department of English UAB College of Arts & Sciences
Amy Badham Director Office of Service Learning & Undergraduate Research
Andre’ Davis Director UAB Transportation
Anita Clemon Assistant Vice President Institutional Equity UAB Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Anna Threadcraft Director | Wellness UAB Human Resources
Bob Shepard Manager | Health & Medicine UAB University Relations
Brian Atkinson Transportation Demand Manager UAB Transportation
Brian Bowser Resident District Manager | Dining Services UAB Student Affairs
Brian Johnson Director | Residence Life UAB Student Affairs
Brian Templeton Project Manager | Planning, Design, & Construction UAB Facilities Division
Charles Monroe, PhD Assistant Professor | Department of Materials Science & Engineering UAB School of Engineering
Charlotte Beeker Associate Vice President | Food, Nutrition, & Guest Services UAB Medicine
Chris Jones Director | Student Multicultural & Diversity Programs UAB Student Affairs
Dale Payton Manager | Facilities & Standards Animal Resources Program UAB Research
David Hagan Director | Environmental Management Programs UAB Occupational Health & Safety
David Powell Manager | Warehouse Services UAB Financial Affairs
Deborah Grimes Chief Diversity Officer UAB Medicine
DeeDee Barnes Bruns, MLA Executive Director | New Student Programs UAB Office of the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Demetria Scott Manager | Small Business Inclusion UAB Facilities Division
Diane Crawley, JD Instructor | Department of Marketing, Industrial Distribution, & Economics UAB Collat School of Business
Diane Tucker, PhD Professor and Director | Science & Technology Honors Program UAB Honors College
Ed Crump Senior Director| Environmental Services UAB Medicine
Fernando Colunga-Medina Student C’18 UAB School of Public Health
Hessam Taherian, PhD Assistant Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering UAB School of Engineering
James McClintock, PhD Endowed Professor | Department of Biology UAB College of Arts & Sciences
James Williams Director | Building Services UAB Facilities Division
Jenna LaChenaye Assistant Professor | Department of Human Studies UAB School of Education
Jennifer Griffin Director | Student Involvement UAB Student Affairs
John Shacka, PhD Assistant Professor | Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology UAB Heersink School of Medicine
Kathryn Kaiser, PhD Assistant Professor | Department of Health Behavior UAB School of Public Health
Kendra Carter Marketing Specialist UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center
Kevin Bell Program Director III | Office of the Dean UAB Heersink School of Medicine
Kyle Hannah Manager | Facilities Finance UAB Facilities Division
Laura Kowalczyk Vice President | Supply Chain & Support Services UAB Medicine
Marc Booker Executive Director | Student Housing & Dining UAB Student Affairs
Marie Sutton Director | Marketing & Communications UAB Student Affairs
Matt Winslett Director | Utilities Management UAB Facilities Division
Melissa Loats Assistant Manager | University Purchasing UAB Financial Affairs
Melody Gillezeau Sustainable Project Development / Planning, Design, & Construction UAB Facilities Division
Michael Shine Manager | IT Business Services UAB Information Technology
Mike Boyd Executive Director | Benefits & Wellness UAB Human Resources
Mike Gebeke Associate Vice President | Facilities Management UAB Facilities Division
Mike Maner Manager | Development & Training UAB Organizational Learning & Development
Molly Lerew Manager | Research Administration Systems UAB Office of the Vice President for Research
Nico Geurs Endowed Professor & Chair Department of Periodontology UAB School of Dentistry
Retta Evans, PhD Professor | Department of Human Studies UAB School of Education
Robert Estes, PhD Assistant Professor | Department of Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences UAB School of Health Professions
Robert Heath Director | Radiation Safety UAB Occupational Medicine & Research Safety
Robert Sharpe Senior Director | Construction Facilities Planning UAB Medicine
Scott Moran Director | Support Services UAB Facilities Division
Sean Ries Director | Campus Recreation UAB Student Affairs
Steffanie Sabbaj, PhD Assistant Professor | Division of Infectious Diseases UAB Heersink School of Medicine
Stephen Watts, PhD Professor Department of Biology UAB College of Arts and Sciences
Thomas Anderson II Project Manager UAB Facilities Division
Tim Sullivan Manager | Support Services UAB Facilities Division
Tony Millette Manager | Steam Plant Operation UAB Facilities Division
Tracy Lyons, PhD Executive Director | Undergraduate Success & Retention UAB Office of the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Virginia Sisiopiku, PhD Associate Professor | Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering UAB School of Engineering
William Griffin Manager | Chilled Water Plant Operations UAB Facilities Division

Strategic Plan Support Staff

Bambi Ingram Coordinator UAB Sustainability
Geoff Boyd Project Manager & Landscape Architect | Planning, Design & Construction UAB Facilities Division