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Graphic of three wind turbines.

Overarching Aim

To establish a clean energy standard of 20 percent renewable energy sourcing by 2025 and cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve resiliency, and increase overall energy efficiency


Build a renewable energy portfolio for the contiguous hospital and campus of at least 20% of overall energy consumption by 2025
Reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 20% by 2025
Create a Green Revolving Fund for investment in projects that improve efficiency and decrease resource use
Establish an annual funding commitment to support the comprehensive energy plan


  1. 1.Collect baseline data assessing the carbon footprint for energy, transportation, and waste for the campus and hospital
  2. 2.Purchase clean energy and promote actions that incentivize the construction of new clean energy projects
  3. 3.Develop a roadmap for carbon reduction with key performance indicators and benchmarks
  4. 4.Investigate opportunities for increasing the amount of energy generated from onsite renewable energy sources
  5. 5.Institute a Green Revolving Fund (GRF) to invest money in projects that improve efficiency and decrease resource use; cost savings that result from efficiency projects will replenish the GRF, allowing it to return to its original size, or to grow
  6. 6.Install interactive dashboards in lobbies of all major buildings to educate and engage occupants with energy and water consumption