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Overarching Aim

To support environmentally responsible dining operations, minimize food waste, and support local and sustainable food production


Prevent food waste through increased operational efficiencies and smart procurement systems
Maximize food waste diversion through composting and food donation
Provide more sustainable and ethical food options on campus


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  1. 1.Revise vendor specifications for all university and hospital dining operators to support overall sustainable dining practices, including local and sustainable food sourcing, service material waste reduction, and food waste reduction and diversion
  2. 2.Track dining purchases to identify and highlight sustainable certifications, including local, fair trade, sustainable, and animal welfare approved
  3. 3.Implement food waste dehydrators or digesters in all on-site kitchens to mitigate food waste sent to the landfill
  4. 4.Develop a free food alert app. for leftover food pick-up from events
  5. 5.Encourage preference for green catering services that use sustainable servingware and local food sources, and reduce food waste for events
  6. 6.Eliminate the use of plastic straws and Styrofoam in campus dining
  7. 7.Establish an expanded food truck permit program with guidelines for servingware procurement, waste, and energy use and emissions