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Graphic of a faucet with a water drop.

Overarching Aim

To promote water conservation through efficient use and innovative management


Reduce overall water consumption and develop opportunities for non-potable water use
Educate the campus community about the benefits of water efficiency and conservation


Graphic of water droplets with 25% next to them.
  1. 1.Develop design standards for rainwater and utility water capture systems in new buildings, to include a cost-benefit analysis
  2. 2.Use new water resource connections, including wells and industrial water (non-potable), to reduce the use of drinking quality water for utilities and industrial purposes
  3. 3.Expand the current groundwater and condensate recovery program to meet the level of 25% of utility consumption
  4. 4.Install smart water metering systems in larger buildings
  5. 5.Increase deployment of smart irrigation systems
  6. 6.Draft a sustainable stormwater management plan
UAB Branded water bottles on a table.